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The Encryptor Chip is a computer chip created by Professor Archimedes, but later stated to be developed by Dr. Marbles[1]. It is one of the cures for the virus that Hacker infected Motherboard with. Accordingly, the CyberSquad and Hacker each seek to obtain it for their own goals.

The ID code of the Encryptor Chip, as searched for with the Syncolator, is 66796[2].


In "Lost My Marbles", Motherboard's Encryptor Chip is destroyed when she is infected with the virus.

Professor Archimedes created a duplicate chip, but it is lost in Cyberspace when he retreats into two dimensions to escape Hacker[3].

Dr. Marbles finds the chip on Pyramida in the pyramid guarded by Mummsy and Binky. The chip is then lost in a sandstorm[4], but is later discovered inside a giant Sphynx, hanging from a ring on a smaller Sphinx's nose. The CyberSquad loses the chip to Hacker when they exit the Sphynx, recover the chip, and then lose it once more to a giant Cyberfrog.

In "Find Those Gleamers!", Hacker claims that he has the Encryptor Chip and will allow the CyberSquad to have it if they catch enough Gleamers to power up the Grim Wreaker 2, where the chip is contained. Despite the CyberSquad's victory, the chip is a cheap fake.

Dr. Marbles finally manages to find the real Encryptor Chip, but Hacker captures him and reprograms the chip to compress Motherboard onto internal storage and replace her with his likeness. Hacker places the chip up for auction on U-Want U-Bid, during which it is chained to Fowler. The CyberSquad bids at the last moment and inserts it, moving Motherboard onto the chip.[2] Hacker plans to dispose of the Encryptor Chip at Bernie's Black Hole, which would thereby destroy Motherboard, but Wicked's spending leaves him unable to pay the disposal fee. As the CyberSquad chases him, Hacker throws the Encryptor Chip into a volcano, but Digit plunges after it and retrieves the chip. With Hacker's likeness blocking attempted reboots, Dr. Marbles is forced to use a procedure that will destroy the chip to restore Motherboard.[5] From then on, Dr. Marbles attempts to find other cures for the virus.

In "Fit To Be Heroes", the CyberSquad and their new friend, Scanner, find a template for a prototype of the Encryptor Chip. It requires the sands of time from on top of the Great Pyramid of Pyramidia, 7 drops of spring water from the Glowing Glacier of Penguia, a clear crystal from the Crystal Cave, and the first ray of sunlight from a sunrise in Solaria. Hacker overhears the CyberSquad's plan and tries to stop them from collecting the ingredients. Though they complete the template, the prototype chip is only effective for a short time, and overheats.


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