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Erica Ram (voiced by Carla Collins) is from Castleblanca[citation needed]. She runs a TV show and fell in love with Hacker during the episode "The Halloween Howl". Erica gives interviews to people because she works for CyberScoop. She almost always smiles, and doesn't like carolers (as seen in the episode "Starlight Night"). She also appears on the online game The Quest.


In Quest 1: Mission Motherboard, Erica offers to ask the player character 3 Cyberspace trivia questions. Each correct answer earns 30 Snelfus, and answering all 3 correctly earns a bonus of 15 Snelfus.

Character bio

Skwakopedia entry (Cyberchase: The Quest)

Very famous TV reporter for XUSB. Co-hosts 'CyberScoop' with Sam VanderRom. Loves to talk about who's who and what's what in Cyberspace.



Cyberchase: The Quest

List of trivia questions in Quest 1: Mission Motherboard

Correct answers are in bold.

Can you tell me the name of one of the bad guys who fights Hacker for control of Cyberspace?

  • Skunky Skink from Skenechtadata
  • Penelope the Pickled Pirate
  • Warren the Wayward Genie

There's only one thing Hacker is totally scared of. What is it?

  • Ghosts
  • The number 13
  • Peanut butter sticking in his mouth

What do you call that goop Hacker uses on his hair?

  • Dippity don't
  • Wig gel
  • Hair moose

What's the name of Doctor Marbles' friend who writes poetry?

  • Lady Ada Lovelace
  • Perky Bitz Sheltie
  • William Worsmouth

What's the name of the Gollywood guy that Hacker makes feel bad?

  • Mr. Z
  • Steve Seven
  • Fred

What was the name of that guy Hacker hired when he fired Buzz and Delete?

  • Baskerville
  • Basketball
  • Basking T. Shark

When Hacker got a hold of The Totally Rad Ring of Radopolis, what did he wish for himself?

  • Long blond hair
  • Endless supply of popcorn
  • A little doggie named Fred

Where's the place to go in Cyberspace if you want palm trees and beach?

  • Sensible Flats
  • Radopolis
  • Solaria

Where's the place to go in Cyberspace if you want palm trees and beach?

  • Solaria
  • Castleblanca
  • Northern Frontier

Who are the star performers at the Water Park in R Fair City?

  • Beanie and Hotdog
  • Glowla and Spout
  • Sealia and Sam

Who is Cyberspace's most famous 'animal hero'?

  • Tarscan
  • Nero
  • Jack Banana

Who is one of Cyberspace's most famous magicians?

  • Presto
  • Sleight O'Hand
  • Ava

Who plays piano at the Eerie Inn?

  • Three-headed Sal
  • Two-headed Sam
  • Seven-headed Sarah

Who runs the Cybrary?

  • Ms. Fileshare
  • Mr. Booker
  • Sir Readalot

Who's Hacker's favorite singer?

  • Elvis
  • Green Day
  • Barry Manilow

Who's in charge of the big pyramid in Ancient Egypt?

  • Stinky
  • Finky
  • Binky

Who's the lucky cybergirl that Hacker almost married?

  • Wicked
  • Lucky
  • Ms. Fileshare

Who's the ruler of Shangri-La?

  • Mr. La Di Da
  • Master Pi
  • Patty Cakes

Who used to work for Hacker, back when he was a good guy?

  • Doctor Marbles
  • Digit
  • Matt, Jackie and Inez

Who won the Big Kahuna Huna Race-A-Runa in Tikiville last time?

  • Snippy the troll
  • Creech
  • Wicked
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