"Escape from Merlin's Maze"
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On the prowl for a new power source, Hacker descends on Frogsnorts School of Sorcery. His scheme?  To steal Professor Stumblesnore’s wand and harness its awesome magic to energize himself.  Hacker’s first task is to get star student Shari Spotter out of his way.  He entraps Shari in Merlin’s Maze by blocking her path with a series of heavy stone slabs.  The CyberSquad learns of Shari’s plight, but the slabs that block her escape are too heavy to move unaided.  In their rescue mission, the kids experiment with levers and discover a proportional rule: Multiply the length of your lever and you will similarly multiply the weight you can lift. They free Shari, but not in time: Hacker has been successful and stolen Stumblesnore’s magic! Is Shari’s magic powerful enough to defeat him?

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