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today Original air date
February 6, 2002
person Directed by
Larry Jacobs
person Written by
George Arthur Bloom
Kristin Laskas Martin
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"Eureeka" is the thirteenth episode of the first season of Cyberchase. It originally aired on February 6, 2002.


Main Characters

Minor/Recurring Characters


Plot Overview

Pursued by Hacker, Digit lands on cybersite Eureeka, where his mission is to find Professor Archimedes — the maker of the encryptor chip, a unique computer chip that can fix Motherboard. But Archimedes is nowhere to be found — only a pile of 2-dimensional rods where his chip factory should be. The kids arrive to help, and discover that by linking the 2-dimensional rods together into certain geometrical patterns they create a surprising 3-dimensional shape that leads directly to unraveling the mystery of Archimedes' strange disappearance.


  • Math topic: "Eureeka" focuses on 2-D and 3-D geometry and how two-dimensional shapes and join together to create three-dimensional object.
  • For Real Segment: "All Dolled Up" - Harry orders a dollhouse for his sister, but it comes in the form of flat cardboard pieces. He must join the two-dimentional pieces together to create the 3-D dollhouse.


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