The Fates are three sisters from Mount Olympus. They debuted in "Zeus on the Loose"[1].



  • In their debut episode Matt mentions that their father is Zeus[1]
    • he is referring to the version of the myth that claims the Fates are the daughters of Zeus and Themis (goddess of divine justice)[2].
  • Other versions of the myth claim different parentage:
    • Nyx (primordial goddess of night) and that either no father was necessary or that she paired with Erebos (primordial god of darkness) or Khronos (primordial god of time).[3]
    • Ananke (primordial goddess of inevitability)[3]
    • Khaos/Chaos[3] (in some myths the very first primordial god/goddess/being/void of chaos)[4]
    • Okeanos and Gaia[3]


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