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Act 1

I suppose I should be envious of you, Max...

After all, you did outrun me in track...

But then, who wanted to spend

all that time training and practicing?

And yet, did I ever try to settle the score? No! Never!

I admit you defeated me in slugball...

in our school dance contest!

But that was then - and this is now!

It's get even time, Max.

At this year's Father's Day Parade in Tikiville,

I will finally, finally FINALLY humiliate you!

Buzz! Delete!

Round up to rest of my humble henchmen! Now!

Right away, boss.

"Meet Hacker at the Northern Frontier.

Signed Buzz and Delete."


Bring your leg up like so...

Then kick the ball with the side of your foot...



That's weird. It's from Buzz and Delete.

"Meet Hacker at the Northern Frontier."

Huh? Didn't expect that one.

Why would Buzz and Delete text you?

Maybe their mistake is our opportunity...

To ensure absolute secrecy, I'll be sending you your

instructions as coded messages with my brilliant invention...

...the Decode-a-tron.

The messages will arrive in three different colors:

yellow, green and purple.

Each color will be a different code.

And each code will use a different pattern of numbers

that match letters of the alphabet.

Is that clear?

Different color... Different code.

Got it, boss.

Really? I'm amazed!

Finally...decode the messages the same as last time.

Any questions?

Shan't be a problem, my liege.


Now move out and await instructions!

I expect the first coded message will shortly.

Coded messages from Hacker?

Sounds like he's up to something really big this time!

Lucky for us Buzz and Delete sent me

that text message by mistake.

Either that, or you're in their favorite five.

This is no time for jokes, Matt.

We have to find a way to intercept those coded messages.

What we need is one of those Decode-a-tron gizmos.

Fear not, earthlies!

The Didge will deliver the goods!

...Prepare for take-off!

Buzz, dump the trash!

Deedee, dump the trash!

I always dump the trash when we take off!

No you don't!

Yes I do!

I don't care which one of you dumps the trash - just dump it!

Oh no!

Where's Didge?


One Decode-a-tron, as promised!

Way to go, Didge!

You're the best!

Any idea where Hacker's going?


But we're gonna find out somethin'!

What's with all the numbers?

That's gotta be the coded message!

But how can we tell what it says if we don't know the code?

Well...what if each number stands

for a letter in the alphabet?


See how the numbers are bunched together into small groups?

Maybe each group is a word!

You guys could be onto something.

Let's see, twenty-six letters in the alphabet...

now, if you're right...

...there won't be any numbers over twenty-six...

and there aren't!

So one could be the letter A ...two the letter B...

Three is C...four is D...

Five is six is, that's, it's E!

Hold it! We need to get organized.

Matt, pen and paper me!

We need to make a table that matches each letter

to its number.

...I got it!

F is definitely six!

Or is it seven?

All done.

Look, Didge - F is six, see?

Each number is matched to a letter.

All right, Jax!

Let's decode that message!

Seven...and fifteen.

Seven is G...and fifteen is O!


Let's see if the rest of the words make sense!

What's the next group?

Twenty...and fifteen.

Twenty is T...and fifteen is...O!


The second word is "to".

The first word is 'go'.

So far it reads "go to".

Go where?

Where's Hacker going?

Let's find out.

Twenty...T, nine...I, eleven...K, nine...I

...twenty-two...V, nine...I,

twelve...L, twelve...L, five...E!

I've got it!


Game on, Jax!

The next word is: twenty...eight...and five.

T...H...E.... The last word is eight...

one...three... eleven...five... and eighteen!


..." Go to Tikiville - The Hacker!"


Why Tikiville?

I don't know...but we better get there fast!

Motherboard, come in!

We need a portal... and put a rush on it!

Hi, everyone.

Happy Father's Day...

and welcome to the big Father's Day Parade,

coming to you this year from Tikiville!

In just a few minutes, the parade will wind along our

very own Sweet Cyberway...

...through the Far-Out Forest...

...and stop at the Fantastic Fathers Photo-rama,

where the Cyberdad of the Year will receive his trophy!

And speaking of this year's Cyberdad of the Year,

let's meet him!

My dad...


Hey, Creech.

Your announcing is extremely accomplished.

Thanks, daddy.

I mean, Max...and congratulations on winning

Cyberdad of the Year!

The credit goes to my daughter.

Creech wrote an eloquent letter that impressed

the nominating committee.

I just told the truth.

I wrote how my dad makes the most splendid banana pancakes...

plays super spy guy with me all the time...

and gives far-out hydroplane rides!

My dad is the quintessence of Daddiness!

Be right back for the start of the parade!



I can't believe you're here! This is my dad!



Nice to meet you.


Call me Max. It's excellent to meet you -

I've heard so much about you from Creech!

Are you here for the parade?

My dad is Cyberdad of the Year!

Actually we followed Ha...


That's exactly why we're here - to see the parade.

Right guys?

Oh yeah!


I'd love to the floats...

over there.

Sure, come on, Inez, we'll show you!


What's with the interrupting?

This parade is important for everyone in Cyberspace,

especially for Creech and her dad.

Yeah. We don't want to spoil it.

You're right!

Let's go stop Hacker!

The plan to embarrass Max will not fail!

It's foolproof!


Baskerville is in position!

Trashinator is in position!

Yes! The parade is starting! It's code time!

Act 2

Okay! The parade's off with no problem.

Let's find out what's going on!

Another coded message!

More numbers - just like last time!

This should be easy to crack,

I've got the alphabet table from last time.

Numbers please!

Nine...twenty... three...and four!

Nine is I.

Twenty is T.

Three is C and four is D!


That's not a word!

Try some of the other words!


K...and V.

Next word: sixteen...seventeen...


Sixteen is P...seventeen is Q...and twenty-five is Y.

What's that spell?

Ummm...kev pqy!

That doesn't make any sense either!

Hmmm, what if Hacker changed the code...and that's why

this message is green...

and the other was yellow.

Different colors, different codes!

Something tells me this isn't gonna be easy!

I just love a parade, Buzzy!

Me, too.

They're so...parade-y!

Hello, Tikiville!

Happy Father's Day!

I want to thank my friend Inez for riding along with me!


What's that Earthbrat doin' here?

Not to worry, boys.

My plan is working to perfection!

Say hello to Max...

the robot, that is.

Um, hello, Max.

Hi, Max.

Hello, duncebuckets!

C'mon, we can do this, guys.

Look, we've got groups of numbers like before - and no

number higher than twenty-six.

So each number probably still stands for a letter...somehow.

But which number with which letter?

Good question, Didge.

Maybe there's a new pattern to these numbers.

Time for a new table!

Before, one was A, and two was B.

Maybe this time, two is A...3 is B...

Four is C...five is D...six is E...


Okay, let's try it.

The first word is nine...twenty...three..and four.

That's H...S...B...C!

Hsbc! ?

What's a hsbc?

It's not a word, that's for sure.

Let's try another pattern.

Guys, we don't have time to make a bunch of tables!

We need a faster way to test different codes.

In one of my spy books, the spy used a secret decoder ring!

It had the alphabet around one band,

and numbers from one to twenty-six around the other.

You put the letter A next to different numbers

to get different codes!

Sorry, no secret decoder ring.

I have an idea - how about a yo-yo?

Pen me, Jax!


If I write the alphabet on the top half...

And numbers on the bottom half...


I can twist the top to put the letter A

next to any number I want!

Each twist is a different pattern

...a thing of beauty, Matty!

Make A three and B four.

We haven't tried that pattern yet.

A...three, and B...4!

Got it!

Now decode nine...twenty...three...

and four!

Nine...G, twenty...R, three...A, four...B!



Grab is a word!


Here's the rest of the code.

Eleven and twenty-two.

I...T. Sixteen...seventeen... twenty-five.



Last word.

Ten...three...five... twenty.



"Grab it now, The Hacker."

Grab what?

What's 'it'?

Don't know, Didge...but we better catch up to the float.


Happy Father's Day!

What's your dad handing out?

His famous and fabulous banana pancakes!

See anything yet?

Nope, but these banana pancakes are unbelievable!

There seems to be a malfunction

with that roving recliner!

Green smoke?

That is so Hacker!

I bet he's gonna grab whatever 'it' is now! Hurry!

So...what'd Hacker grab?

I don't know.

Everything looks the same to me.

Welcome back to the Father's Day Parade.

I'm Creech's friend, Inez.

And I'm Creech.

We're nearing the Fantastic Fathers Photo-Rama

where my dad will be crowned Cyberdad of the Year!

He so deserves it!

And I'm going to make sure he gets exactly what he deserves!

I know you all liked my banana pancakes.

How about some cyber-syrup to got with them!


What's your dad doing?

I have no idea!

So much for everything being the same!

No kidding!

Why would the Cyberdad of the Year

squirt syrup at everybody?

I don't know, but it tastes good!


Another message - this time it's purple!

Oh, man!

The pattern's really changed this time!

Some numbers larger than twenty-six...lots of 'em!

Which means my decoder yo-yo won't work now.

What are we gonna do?



Act 3

Hi, Max.

Happy Father's Day!

I know who you two are!

What's Hacker trying to accomplish this time?

Well, he's already accomplished it!

Right, Deedee?

Right, Buzzy!

The Max Robot is now Cyberdad of the Year!

Know why I won Cyberdad of the Year?

Because I'm better than all of you!

What's gotten into your dad?

I wish I knew!

Dad! What are you doing?

Okay, what do we know?

We know we still have groups of numbers...

...but now, a lot of the numbers are higher than twenty-six!

Can those big numbers still represent letters?

I think so, Didge...

Check out the last two groups of numbers.

Three numbers...and six numbers.

Just like the first two messages.

So, if Hacker always signs his messages the same way,

then we know what those two words are.

The Hacker!

..." The Hacker" fits perfectly!

If we're right, at least we'll know some of the letters

in the new code.

Look - this would make the A, C,

and E in "Hacker" one...five and nine.

Yeah, but what's the pattern?

Let's start at the beginning of the alphabet,

and fill in what we know.

One, skip a letter...five, skip a letter...nine...

Maybe the pattern is counting up by odd numbers.


They all fit a pattern of odd numbers!

Keep counting up, Jax!

I'm counting! I'm counting.

If we're right about the pattern -we should be able

to crack the rest of the code!

Let's go for it!

The secret message is:

"Take it to Grand Tiki...The Hacker."

I still don't know what 'it' is...

but I do know where the Grand Tiki is!

Follow me!

Whoops, sorry!

How'd that happen?

Oooh, right in your face!


Ha ha ha!

Ah, yes...nothing like a good pie fight!

Revenge is so sweet!

Dad, stop!

What are you doing?

Wow, you think he's okay?

Huh, huh! Sorry!

That's it - the Grand Tiki Statue!


It's Delete and Trashinator!

Whatever it is - must be inside.

And maybe Hacker, too.

How are we going to get in without being seen?

...Leave it to the Didge!

What'dya think, Max?

Kinda fun watchin' yourself, huh?

Hacker will be found out!

He always is.

Pop! Burp! Pop!

Trash,what are you doing back here?

Digit? Earthbrats?

Hey! Lemme outta here!

Matt, Jackie, Digit...I'm so grateful you found me!

Wait...I don't understand.

How can you be here...

and in the parade at the same time?

Hacker grabbed me off the float when everything went green.

The Max on the float is an imposter: a robot!

Ha ha ha ha!

Another message!

It's purple like the last one.

We should be able to crack it easily!

Hang on, I'm almost done.

Got it!

"Photo Slime Time - The Hacker."

Photos.... Oh, no!

Hacker's gonna slime the Fantastic Fathers Photo-Rama!

We've got to stop him!

This is it, Max!

Time for you to experience the same humiliation

and shame you've caused me!

Yea rrrrr!

Hello, cybercitizens!

I will now show you what I really feel

about fathers and Father's Day!

Dad, no!


Oh no!

Take that, you boorish borg!


I knew that couldn't be you!

Are you okay?

Thanks to your friends, I am!

Happy Father's Day, Max!