Fluff Fluff
Gender Male
Age 17
Species Penguin
Residence Penguin Village, Penguia
Occupation hockey player, marcher
Allies Coach, Cybersquad
Enemies Hacker, Walter, Ice
Favorite color Unknown, but possibly blue
Relatives PJ (father)
Rusty (aunt)
Voice actor Austin Dilulio

Fluff is a smart, hardthinking 17-year-old penguin who lives with his dad, PJ, and his Aunt Rusty in Penguia. Fluff differs from other penguins in Penguia, he does not wear a scarf, nor any clothing, except in his first appearance, Penguin Tears, where he wore a jersey. Fluff is one of the Cybersquads' many friends. He plays penguin hockey, and marches in the Penguin March. He is also a proud member of the Voyagers.



Fluff is usually a hardthinking penguin, who usually is smart at math. He is very calm and usually does not cause any trouble.


Fluff is a blue color, and wears a hat with feathers on the top of his thin head. Like Digit, he has holes in his beak for a nose. In "Penguin Tears", he wore a jersey that said "2" on it.

Main Occupation

Fluff plays on the Penguin Village Voyagers hockey team.



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