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-Travel safe now! [ Horn honks ]

Folks are waiting for their orders!

-Looks like everyone in Cyberspace

is here doing their last-minute shopping for Giving Thanks Day.

-And why not?

-Cornucopia has the best fruits and veggies a snelfu could buy.

-Ah, Giving Thanks Day --

food, family, and friends, a lot to be thankful for.

-I'm also thankful for Jackie's pumpkin pie,

creamy, cinnamon-y, pumpkin-y goodness.


Hey. Where is Jacks?

-Over in the pumpkin patch.

-Good morning!

-Farmer Stewart!

Say hi to my friends, Matt and Inez.

-Any friends of Digit's are friends of mine.

Have you seen my purple potatoes?

Grew them for the first time this year.



-Hmm, nope.

Can't have a pumpkin with a dent.

Hmm, not this one either.

It's cracked.

Gee, not too many good ones left.

Ooh, wait! This one is perfect.

-Hey, Jacks.

Check out these purple potatoes.


Just what we need for our Giving Thanks dinner!

-You're going to love them.

-We better get a move on.

We have a lot of cooking to do today.

-Thanks for everything, Farmer Stewart.

-Happy Giving Thanks Day!


-[ Sighs ] Another year, another batch of unwanted pumpkins.

What a waste.

[ Cheers and applause ]


-♪ Honey Bunny whoo-whoo ♪

♪ You know I love you ♪

-♪ Pumpkin pie, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Going to have it soon ♪

♪ You know I love you ♪

♪ A-whoo, whoo ♪

-Matt, how are you doing with those carrots?

-Almost ready for my soup!

-Carrot soup -- check.

-Inez, potato status?

-Got a pot full of perfect purple potatoes

ready to be cooked and mashed!

-Potatoes -- check.

-Pumpkin pie ready yet?

-Not yet, Dig. I've got to finish this crust.

Then I'll start the filling.

-Yummy, yummy.

I can't wait to eat!

-If you want to eat sooner,

you could help me chop these carrots.

-One carrot chopper at your service.

-♪ Pumpkin pie, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Going go have it soon ♪

♪ You know I love you ♪

♪ A-whoo, whoo ♪

-Dig, slow down.

There's still a lot of carrot here.


We shouldn't waste so much.


I was so excited about the Jackster's pie,

I wasn't paying attention.

There we go.

-Thanks, Dig.

-Crust is ready.

Time to make the pumpkin filling!

-What do you need, Jacks?

-Um, where's the pumpkin?

-No pumpkin here.

-Now that I think of it,

I don't remember bringing one back from Cornucopia.

-I forgot to get one!

-Tell me you didn't say that.

-I did. -No!

We can't have forgotten a pumpkin!

This is awful!

We might as well call off Giving Thanks Day.

Maybe we have some canned pumpkin somewhere in here.

No! It's not the same!

Pumpkin pie.

Okay, we won't be needing these dessert plates anymore,

not without pumpkin pie.

-I-I'm sure we can figure this out, Dig.


We can't have a Giving Thanks Day dinner without pumpkin pie!

How could I forget the pumpkin?

-I-It's okay!

You didn't mean to.

We'll just go back to Cornucopia and get another pumpkin!

-Yeah? -Inez is right.

Problem solved. -Right.

Of course. Come on!

Time's a-wasting!

-I'll get a basket.

-Huh? We brought home three baskets of food,

and one is already filled with our food scraps.

-Wow. That means we're not using one-third of what we bought.

-We'll compost the scraps!

Let's go, please.


Where'd all the food go?

-Back so soon?

-We need a pumpkin, Farmer Stewart.

We are desperate for a pumpkin!

-Gee, I'm sorry, Digit.

I'm sold out.

-You sold out of all of them?

-Afraid so.

Takes me months and months to grow all the food

for the fall harvest, and every year around this time,

I sell most of it.

Sold the last of it just a little while ago.

-This is awful!

-I don't get it.

Where did all the food go?

-[ Laughs ]

-♪ Honestly, whoo, whoo, whoo ♪

♪ Honey bunny, whoo, whoo ♪

-♪ You know I love you ♪

-♪ Mashed potatoes, ooh ♪

♪ Brussels sprout-ies, whoo-hoo ♪

♪ You know I love you ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪

-I've never seen the boss act like this.

-Yeah. We've never even celebrated

Giving Thanks Day before.

-And look at all this food!

-Uh, Boss, don't you think you got too much food

from Cornucopia?

-Don't be ridiculous.

We need all this food.

We're expecting a guest.

-We are?

-Ooh, she'll be here soon.



-Everything needs to be perfect!

Now set the table!

[ Both yelp ]

[ Doorbell rings ]

-[ Gasps ] She's here!

What are you waiting for?

Open the door!



-Um, yes?

-Hi! I'm looking for --

Unky Hacker!

-Unky Hacker?

-My sweet little niece-y, how's my Harmony?

-I'm happy, happy, happy!

-Me too! Me too! Me too!

-[ Laughs ]

-What's wrong with the boss?

He's happy.

-I don't know, DeeDee.

I can't believe what I'm seeing.

-Hey. This could be a good thing, Buzzy.

A happy boss is a happy us.

-I'm making your favorite today,

Unky Hacker's special stuffing.

-With apples?

-Mm, uh, uh, apples?

-Yes! They're my favorite!

-Of course with apples!

-Buzz, Delete, cut some apples!

Delete, get me an onion.

-Yes, Boss!


-Oopsie, DeeDee.

-Buzz, Delete, clean up these onions!

-I can help!

-Careful, dear.


-We know, Boss.

-Cleaning up the squashed squash!

-Unky Hacker, the pot!

-Not to worry.

I can handle it.



-You okay, Boss?

-Sorry, Unky.

-That's okay, sweet Harmony.

I wasn't hurt.

Keep my darling niece entertained

so I can finish the potatoes!

-What are we going to do?

I need a pumpkin for my pie.

-Have you tried another farm?

-No way, Farmer Stewart.

The pumpkins you grow are the freshest and best in Cyberspace.

-I don't understand.

How did the rest of the food sell out so quickly?

We were just here!

-It was the strangest thing, actually.

Someone came by just after you,

and he bought everything I had left, including my pumpkins.

-Maybe if we find him, we can buy a pumpkin from him!

Do you remember who it was?

-I never met him before.

He was happy though, had two others with him.

-What'd they look like?

-One was short, and the other one was taller,

and they kept calling the really big guy "Boss."


[ All groan ]



-[ Laughs ]

-What are you making, Buzzy?

-Um, a mess?

-[ Laughs ]

Good one, Buzzy!

-It is not nice to laugh at others, DeeDee.


-Don't worry, Buzzy. You'll get the hang of it.

-Thanks, Harmony.

[ Clanging ]

-You need some help, Unky Hacker?

-Oh, no, dear.

Just enjoy yourself.


-Buzz, Delete, I need some help.

[ Both yelp ]


Put these apples in the stuffing.

They're Harmony's favorite.

These pieces are garbage!

-Ooh, ooh!

Guess what, Boss?

These four pieces you threw away make a whole apple!

-Don't bother me. I'm busy!


-Unky Hacker, these four quarters of an apple

make a whole new apple!

-Oh, Harmony, thank you for pointing that out.

-But I just said that!

-Don't want to waste these.

We shall make applesauce with them.

[ Doorbell rings ]


-Who now?

-I'll get it.

[ Grumbling ]

-Happy Giving Thanks Day, Hacker!

-What are you doing here?

-So, I hear you might have an extra pumpkin from Cornucopia,

and I would be really thankful

if I could trade you some squash for a pumpkin

so I can make my famous pumpkin pie.


[ Doorbell rings ]

-We just need one pumpkin, Hacker.

You have a bunch of them in there!

-That'sTheHacker, to you.


[ Doorbell rings ]



[ Doorbell rings ]

-Come on, Hacker!

We need pumpkin pie!

Give us just one pumpkin.

-Wow, Unky Hacker.

You have so many friends!

-Of course I do.

Now let's make the applesauce.

-Okay, so we didn't get a pumpkin from Hacker.

There's got to be a good pumpkin we can use.

I mean, look at them all!

-But they're all dented and bruised.

-And ugly.

-[ Gasps ]

Not this one!


-Forget about it.

It's got a huge dent in it.

-Wait. Only part of it is dented.

The rest looks okay.

-Guess you're right.

-No way. If we use this ugly pumpkin,

your perfect pumpkin pie won't be perfect.

-Hang on, Dig.

I don't use the outer shell for my pie.

Maybe I'll just cut around the dented part.

-If you can do that, it doesn't really matter

what the outside looks like, right?


-Any luck finding what you're looking for?


Can we please have one of these damaged pumpkins?


You would not believe how much food I have leftover

because people think it's too ugly to eat,

and not just pumpkins.

-Really? How much food could there be?

-Follow me.



-That's a lot of food.

-Oh, gosh.

There's so much waste here!

Can't you use any of this?

-Well, I compost some of it, and some I feed to my animals,

but this happens every season.

-Can some of this be eaten?

-Sure! In fact, most of it can.

-Then why doesn't anyone buy it?

-Because everyone wants the most perfect-looking fruits

and veggies they can find, even though imperfect ones

taste just as good, and they're just as healthy.

-I felt the same way.

I didn't want to use an ugly pumpkin.

-Me too. Guilty.

-[ Sighs ] I think we're all guilty.

-Just think, if we used all of this imperfect food,

we could make enough dinner for everyone in Cyberspace!

-Great idea!

Let's invite everyone in Cyberspace

to a Giving Thanks Day dinner right here on Cornucopia!


We can use all this food and cook it all together!

-If it's okay with you, Farmer Stewart.

-Okay? It's better than okay, and there's a lot more food

just like this out in the fields.


But how are we going to let everyone know?

-Leave that to me.

-♪ Honey Bunny, whoo, whoo ♪

♪ You know I love you ♪

♪ I love you ♪

-Thanks, Dustin.

Happy Giving Thanks Day!

-Look, boss.

It's one of the Earth kids.

-Don't bother me.

[ Sizzling ]

-And for all you watching,

I have a special invite to a special

Giving Thanks Day celebration on Cornucopia!

We have plenty of food to share,

so let's cook it all and celebrate together!

-Ooh, that sounds like fun!

-Can we go, Boss?

-Please, please, please!

-No. Now help me finish this stuffing.


-Apples over there, Mary.

Thanks, Waldo. Squash over there.

-Corn aplenty!

-I think we might be able to make

more than just one pumpkin pie, huh, Jacks?

-You got that right, Matt.


-How much food did we collect?

-Well, each group of wheelbarrows

has five wheelbarrows in it,

and there are one, two, three, four groups of wheelbarrows.

That's 5, 10, 15, 20 --

20 wheelbarrows full of food!

-Let's start cooking!





-Here's another crust, Dig!

-Oh, just wait until you're nice and warm

and full of delicious pumpkin filling!

-Matt, save the pumpkin seeds.

We can toast them with salt and pepper

or even cinnamon and sugar.

Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.

-Inez, check this out.

It's Pumpkin-ez!

-Matt! [ Laughs ]

-Let's not peel the potatoes.

The skins make the mashed potatoes taste even better.


-This just might be the biggest Giving Thanks Day dinner

in the history of Giving Thanks Day.

-16, 17, 18 empty wheelbarrows!

-We saved 18 out of 20 wheelbarrows of food

that was going to be wasted!

-I can't believe we saved so much

and made so much delicious food from it.

-It almost feels like too much.

-Load some food into my truck!

I'll deliver it to anyone who couldn't make it here

for Giving Thanks Day.

-All right! -Yes!

-Dinner is served!

-Wait! -Huh?

-What? -It's Giving Thanks Day!

That means we have to say what we're thankful for.

Buzzy, you start.

-I, uh -- I'm thankful for my best buddy, DeeDee,

and for meeting you. -Aw!


-Um, and I'm thankful for my best pal, Buzzy,

and for meeting you, too.

-Unky Hacker, what are you thankful for?

-Well, I'm thankful for you, Harmony.

And what are you thankful for?

-I'm thankful for Buzz, Delete,

Unky Hacker, and for all this food!


Let's eat!

-Wait! -What now, Harmony, dear?

-Well, where is everyone?


-Everyone else.

We can't eat all this food.

I thought your friends were coming over.


-Your friends who were here before.

Shouldn't we wait for them?

-I, um...

-I bet they're all on Cornucopia.

-Yeah! Definitely where they are.

-[ Clears throat ]

-Mmm, this soup is so good, Matt.


The ugly carrots taste just like my usual recipe.

[ Whooshing ]



-Hacker better not be here to ruin Giving Thanks Day.

-Happy Giving Thanks Day, everyone!



May we join you?

-Uh, I mean, of course you can, Hacker.

After all, it's Giving Thanks Day.

-And who are you?

-I'm Harmony, Unky Hacker's niece!

-Unky Hacker? -[ Snickers ]

-Uh, come along, dear.

Don't want this food to get cold.

-Everyone, could I have your attention?

A great big thanks to all of you for coming here today.

-And an even bigger thanks for helping

to save all the ugly fruits and vegetables

so they didn't go to waste.

-Yeah! -Hurray!

-And the biggest thanks of all to Farmer Stewart

for working so hard to grow all this food for us.

-Thanks to you, Farmer Stewart,

Cornucopia is a very special place for all of us.

-You are welcome, and I'm thankful for all of you.

-In fact, let's do this every year.

Let's make Giving Thanks Day on Cornucopia a tradition!

-Yeah! -Yes!

-Some stuffing, dear?

-Um, may I please have a little less than that?

I don't think I could eat it all.

Thanks, Unky.

If I'm still hungry after this, I'll get some more.

-Who's ready for pumpkin pie?

-Right here! It's me!

Right here! Me!


You don't know what you're missing, Mother B.

-Happy Giving Thanks Day, everyone.

-What's your secret, Jacks?

Extra cinnamon?

Ginger? Cloves?

-Nope! I make it with love.

Be right back.

Hacker, would you like a slice of pumpkin pie?

-I'll take some!

-I like pie!


Um, pie sounds good.

Thank you.

-You're welcome.

Happy Giving Thanks Day, Hacker.