Glowla (on the right)

Glowla is a female bird who has great acrobatic skills. She performs at the R-Fair City Water Park, along with her sidekick, Spout, whom she made herself. Her name is a pun on Lola. Glowla supposedly radiates pure energy, giving her the ability to glow. In "Whale of a Tale", Glowla was held captive by The Hacker. She escaped The Hacker with the help of Digit, and the 3 kids. However, The Hacker caused Spout to become very destructive, causing him to nearly destroy half of the city. Glowla and the kids stopped him just before he went into the power plant. Glowla only appears in Season 2 Episode 8 "Whale of a Tale".

Character bio

Skwakopedia entry (Cyberchase: The Quest)

Famous performer and animal lover. Performs with her robot whale Spout at the Water Park in R-Fair City. Also in charge of the Logic Zoo in R-Fair City.

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