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This is Erica Ram, reporting live from Radopolis...

...where a brand new skate park is about to have

its Grand Opening.

I'm here with King Dudicus...

It's gonna be a gas, Erica.

I'm sure it is, King.

Also with me is everybody's favorite boarder,

the ace of Cyberspace...Slider!

Uh, thanks, Erica.

And the skate park is going to be named after you?

Slider's Skate-ORama.


Tell us, what's it like?

I think it's gonna be pretty sweet place to skateboard.

Really fun.

Did someone say fun?

I'm planning the biggest party you've ever seen..

with a marching band ...dancing skateboarders...and fireworks!

And she's doing it all for free.

After tomorrow, I'll be the most famous

event planner in Cyberspace!



Nice of you to drop in to see me.

I'm here because I'm the one who should be honored, not Slipper!

Ah, Slider.

Can't you see we're in the middle of an interview

that's going out to millions across Cyberspace?

Hello, everyone.

Since I, The Hacker, am superior in everything I do,

it only stands to reason that this park should be named

The Hacker's Skate-O-Rama!

Snookums, are you suggesting you can out-skate Slider?

Wicked, my sweet, there is only one best

skateboarder in Cyberspace.

And. It. Isn't. You.

Only one way to find out.

Then it's settled!

We'll have a skate-off.

Breaking news!

For the grand finale of the opening ceremony,

Slider and The Hacker will compete in a skate-off to see

who gets their name on the park!

ANDDDDDD...we'll do it at night, so absolutely everyone in

Cyberspace can watch Slider take on 'Thee' Hacker.

YES! Wait - what?

Wow, the boss is really cryin', Deedee.

Ya think he's worried about Slider showin' him up

in the Skateoff?

Maybe he oughta just back out.

If only I could back out!


But that would be admitting defeat!


We gotta help him, DeeDee!


Thinking makes me hungry.

DeeDee, that's it!


And a Firecracker move to finish!

Glad you guys could make it here.

We came as soon as we heard.

It's time Hacker learned he can't have whatever he wants.

Hey! Who turned off the lights?

Breaking news from Radopolis!

The Power Plant near the new skate park has been

mysteriously sabotaged!

Can you fix it, dude?

Yhea...I just gotta ditch these burned out parts,

order some new parts, install the new parts,

test the new parts, turn on the new parts, and there you go,

good as new.

Wow - impressive plan!

Yeah, hehehe...well you're not gonna like my timeline.

This job's gonna take at least a week, maybe two.

Maybe we should cancel the party.


I can't be the best event planner in Cyberspace if my

first-ever event is cancelled.

Besides, who needs a plan when you have magic!


Oh, I am good!


So, with Wicked's magic fix a flop,

tomorrow night's event is now in doubt.

What a shame!

I was so looking forward to the challenge.

Rumors are swirling as to who was responsible

for the blackout.

Some say it was The Hacker, for fear of facing

Slider in the skateoff.

How dare they accuse me of sabotaging the power plant

when I didn't!

Though I would like to know who did.

Well Boss, if you're gonna shower the culprits

with praise...


We might know who they are!

Oh, stop pretending to know anything about anything!

I have the perfect solution for saving this event.

We'll have it during the day!


We'll see about that...

But Hackie-poo!

You agreed!

I agreed to compete at night when more of my loyal fans

are watching.

This Skate-off is off!

What about my event, you cowardly--

But then agan, this isn't really about me at all.

It's you who want the skate-off to happen.

Am I right?

You bet we do!

We want Slider to show cyberspace who the real

skateboard champ is!

And it's not Hacker!

Don't worry, Wicked.

We'll find a way to fix the lights.

Right, guys?

No problem!

We'll light up the sky!

Oh thank you, thank you!

I knew I could count on you.

So the lights at the skate park have to be.....

....powered some other way.

But how?

There's no electricity.

What about....a whole bunch of flashlights?

No way!

We'd need a thousand of 'em.

What about wind power?

We could build a windmill!

Radopolis isn't a very windy place - I don't think we could

generate enough power...

There must be something we can do!

The answer's probably right under my own beak.

Ahhh...feels nice and warm in the sun.

That's it!

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Solar power!

And I've got just what we need...

I've been meaning to try out this solar panel for months.

What are those thingies?

They're called "photovoltaic cells" - solar cells.

They turn the sunlight that falls onto them

into electricity.

So we just lay it on the roof like this?

Not quite.

To get the most energy from sunlight,

you have to angle the cells so they face squarely

towards the sun.

Now, we just have to plug it in...

We have illumination!

I still don't get how the power gets from

all the way up there... all the way down here!

Here's the deal.

Sunlight hits the solar panel...the panel absorbs

the sunlight ...turns it into electrical energy ...and we can

use that electricity to power things - like light bulbs.

But we need lights at night.

And there's no sunlight then!

That's why we need this.

A battery?

A rechargeable one.

It's called a storage battery.

You mean you can store electricity from the solar panel

in here and use it later, like at night?


Let's see how long it takes for that solar panel on the roof to

charge this battery.


The battery's fully charged!

And it took only one hour of sunlight from that panel

to charge it up.


Solar's definitely the way to go.

The questions is: how long will this one battery power one of

the skate park lights?

The charge is almost used up.

Lights out, Earthlies!


Our test shows this one battery will power one light on

one pole for one hour.

Since the event will last an hour,

one battery per light should do the trick...

Ok, so, how many lights are there in the skate park?

I counted ten lights on each pole.

And there's five poles.

So that's, um...uh...

Ten times five, or fifty!

I knew that.

So to power fifty lights, we need fifty solar panels,

and fifty batteries.

Sounds like a plan!

The Boss ain't gonna be happy about this!

Erica Ram here with our continuing story about the

skate park's lighting problem.

Oh, please, Hackie-poo?

Can't you compete this afternoon instead of tonight?

Wicked pleads with Hacker to help her save the

grand opening event.

I was not pleading!

Besides, Hunker, you look so much better in the daylight.

Let me think about that.


The Hacker refuses.

Wicked is devastated!

I am not devastated!

Wicked, it's a matter of principle.

More Cybercitizens can watch the event if it

takes place at night.

It must be at night or not at all.

Boss! Boss!

Those earthbrats found a way to fix the lights!


Isn't that wonderful?

Oh yes.

Super great.

I'm thrilled.

Hey Joe, we need some solar panels.

Panels I got, Sly.

What area do you need?


Don't you sell them by the panel?

Less organized power guys sell 'em that way.

I sell solar power by the square foot.

OK, let's start by measuring the area of Slider's solar panel.


I got ya covered, Nezzie.

Thanks! And -

I know, I know - don't call you 'Nezzie'.

It's just cos you're my pal.


Focus, people, focus!

We've got measurements to take!


Okay, its length is...three cyber feet.

And the width is...two cyber feet.

Three cyber-feet, times two cyberfeet equals an area

of six square cyber-feet.

Now all we have to do is multiply that by the number

solar panels we need.

Okay, so...

...six square cyber feet...

times fifty solar panels...

equals three hundred square cyber feet of area.

I got enough panels for you right here on the truck.

Time's a-wastin', Earthlies!

Let's get these batteries charged up!

Whoa, whoa...Didge!

The panels can't be overlapped like that.

They have to be spread out and angled to the sun.

Oh, yeah, I forgot.

Otherwise they can't soak up the sunshine.

Time out, guys!

We're almost out of space, and we haven't even spread out

all the panels!

Matt's right.

We're going to need a lot more space - I mean area - than this.


What happened to the sun?

Nothing says expert event planning like a giant,

oversized banner!

OK, so we need more room AND it has to be clear of shadows.

AND wide open to the sun.

Off the ground would really work best.

Like on a roof.

Like on your roof!

Oh yeah!

It's all yours - if it's big enough.

Who knew setting up solar panels was so complicated?

Do you think this is a large enough area?

Only one way to find out - measure it!

Length...twenty cyber feet.

Width...sixteen cyber feet.

Sixteen times twenty equals...

three hundred and twenty square cyber feet!

This roof's the perfect size - and it's even angled

towards the sun!

Use this skateboard, Boss!

It's faster.

No, pick this one!

It's prettier!

Stop pestering me, you duncebuckets!

Can't you see I'm trying to think of a way to get out of --

I mean, get more out of this skate-off?

Wardrobe-time, Hackie!

You have to look sharp for your fans.



Last solar panel installed!

All fifty up and aimed at the sun!

Electric current flowing...and batteries charging.

...and one hour from now, we'll have all the power we need to

run the lights.

Another few minutes and those batteries should be

fully charged.

I can't wait for tonight.

Slider's going to make Hacker sorry he ever stepped

on a skateboard.

You're not nervous about the skateoff, are you?

You're a way better boarder than Hacker.

One thing I know, Jackie, he'll do anything to win.

Ahhhhhh...nothin' like a little breeze to enhance the sunlight.

And a little banana, too.


The batteries are gone...and the solar panels are toast!


Now we'll have nothing to power the lights with!

And the event is supposed to start in an hour!

Three more, Boss!

This'll build up your leg muscles.

I can't believe it!

The event is off - AGAIN!


The plan to light the skate park was foiled!

You didn't have anything to do with that, did you Hackie-poo?


Of course not!

I'm as disappointed as you are.

We did good by the Boss, huh Deedee?

We sure did, Buzzy!


You think he'd believe us if we told him we did it?


Erica Ram reporting from Slider's garage.

The solar panels and the batteries the Cybersquad planned

to use to light the skate park have been sabotaged!

Tonight's event is in jeopardy!

You guys got another emergency?

Our solar power system is kaput!

We need more of everything.

You need three hundred square cyber feet of new solar panels?

You got it!



That's what we needed to charge fifty batteries for one hour.

But now, we don't have an hour.

What do you mean, Jax?

There's still an hour left before the show starts.

Yes, but it's going to take us thirty minutes to install

the new panels!

That means we only have half the time to charge

the new batteries!

But if our batteries are only half charged,

the lights will go out half-way through the show.

This is not good.

This is not good at all!

What if we doubled the area of the solar panels?

That would give us twice the amount of electricity and fully

charge the batteries in half the time!

Joe, last time you gave us three hundred square cyber-feet,

so now we need...

Wait - I can do this!

Three hundred times two is... six hundred!

Six hundred square cyber feet of solar panels, please!

You got it!

Cables and batteries included too.

Not so fast, guys.

My roof isn't big enough to hold six hundred square cyber-feet

of solar panels.

I'll never forgive you for this, Hacker!

You've ruined my new career!

Well, you can always work for me.


Uh, Boss.

I think you better come in and see this.

Breaking news!

Slider and his friends have gotten new solar panels and

batteries to replace the ones that were sabotaged!

And we've found the perfect place to put them!

Six hundred square cyber-feet of solar panels!

All with a clear view pointed straight at the sun!

It's showtime!



Welcome to Radopolis.

I'm Erica Ram and I'm at the brand-new,

soon-to-be-named skate park.

After a last-minute save by the CyberSquad,

the opening ceremony is about to begin.

Designed by Cyberspace's newest event planner...

That's me...Wicked!

Yes, um...that was Wicked.


Dudes and Dudettes of Cyberspace.

I, the King of Radopolis, totally welcome you to this

first-ever event at our awesome new skate park!

Cue the Skatebots!

Cue the Marching Band!

Cue the fireworks!

And now for the main event.

Our first competitor is the legendary, laid-back boarder.

Give it up for...SLIIIII-DER!

Go get 'em!



A 360 kickflip!

Slider's not wasting any time getting to the good stuff.

And now a Switch 360 flip?

This just keeps getting better!

That was awesome!


That was one of the greatest moves I've ever seen!

You're the best, Slider!

And now for our second competitor.

The big green meanie himself: HACKER!

It's The Hacker!

THEE Hacker!


Uh, not sure what that move was...

Oooh, that's a mistake...(inhale)!

Oh, my!

Looks like the skate-off is over.

WAIT! What an incredible landing!

Maybe my Hackie-poo is a better boarder than I thought!

Could Hacker actually win?

Are we in for an amazing finish?

Nope. He's awful.

And those shorts are ridiculous!

Alright skateboard fans, it's your call.

Who won the skate-off: Slider?

Or Hacker?

The crowd has spoken.

Our skate park shall be named: "Slider's Skate-orama!"

Amazing! Way to go! Alright! Woohoo!

Thanks, guys.

So like, what's your secret, dude?

Awesome friends...and a little solar power.

Oh, Hackie-poo!

Everyone wants me to plan their events now!

So I'm making you my new Assistant!


NOW they go off!