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Going Solar Title Card.png|"Going Solar" Title Card

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"Going Solar"
Going Solar Title Card.png
Original air date
November 5, 2013
Directed by
Written by
Solar panels


A televised skate-off will decide ultimate naming rights for the new Radopolis skate park. Will it be named after Slider, the ace skateboarder of Cyberspace, or The Hacker, the vainest villain in the virtual universe? When the power mysteriously goes out at the skate park, the CyberSquad and Digit must find a way to turn it back on before the nighttime skateboarding extravaganza. They decide to use solar panels to collect energy during the day that can power the park at night. But will they have enough area to install the panels, and enough time to collect energy before sundown? And if they do, can their friend out-skate the ace cheater of Cyberspace?

Will they name it The Hacker's Skate-O-Rama or Slider's Skate-O-Rama

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