The Grim Wreaker in Hacker's hangar

The Grim Wreaker is Hacker's spaceship, built by Digit when he worked for Hacker. It is stored in Hacker's hangar in the Northern Frontier. Its name is a reference to the Grim Reaper.

It is a large black ship with green windows, a telescoping ramp in the underbelly, and a large living space inside, including a bedroom and control room. Though the Grim Wreaker doesn't have warp capabilities, it can fly through portals[1].

Buzz and Delete frequently damage the ship by pulling out controls, crashing it, or getting it dirty.


"Who's Who Document"

The Grim Wreaker is Hacker’s ship, his home, his pride and joy. It’s got everything he needs to wreak havoc on the cyber universe.


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