Hacker's wig gel is advertised

Hacker advertises his wig gel in the episode, "Find Those Gleamers!".

Hacker's wig gel is refers to the product that the show's main antagonist, Hacker, uses to maintain his wig on his head. 

Wig Gel in liquid form

Hacker's advertised wig gel

It makes occasional appearances in the television series in various forms. In "Find Those Gleamers! ", Hacker advertises his wig gel during the Cybersquad's mission broadcast. The wig gel was shown as a yellow liquid.  

Matt holds the wig gel tray

A tray of Hacker's wig gel

In "Harriet Hippo and the Mean Green ", it was an ingredient in the cure of the Mean Green affliction. The gel was shown as yellow cubes stored in a tray in Hacker's freezer.  

Wig gel is stored in the freezer

Hacker's wig gel in the freezer

The object also appears in the Quest 1: Mission Motherboard game on the official Cyberchase website as an ingredient to upgrade Motherboard's operating system against Hacker's plans. The official name for Hacker's wig gel in the game is "Cube of Wig Gel". The wig gel is also shown as a yellow cube. The player can find this object in the Cybermall and secret places throughout cybersites. 

Hacker's wig gel on the floor after the tray breaks

Hacker's wig gel tray breaks in the episode, "Harriet Hippo and the Mean Green."

A cube of wig gel in the game

Hacker's wig gel appearance in the game.

Game Description

Cube of Wig Gel

The original Hacker Wig gel. Keeps wings stuck to heads and is an excellent all-around cyberglue. Very strong.
Wig gel in-game description

Hacker's wig gel game description

Episode Appearances

Game Appearance

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