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Hacker's hangar as depicted in the flash seasons.

Hacker's hangar[1][2] is a building in the Northern Frontier that serves as a home and base of operations for Hacker and his assistants. It is used to store Hacker's spacecraft, namely the Grim Wreaker and Li'l Wreaker[3].


On the side of the structure is a large poster of Hacker's face. Although in most episodes, only one side of the building is show, there seems to be a copy of the poster on the opposite side as well. In "A Change of Art" after quitting evil to pursue art, he puts a new poster over the old one depicting himself in his new profession.

In "Gone with the Fog", Hacker has installed security cameras all around the area. However, they are not depicted in future episodes.


The interior space seems to change with Hacker's needs and there has been a variety of setups depicted in different episodes. In "Of All the Luck", there is a large holding cell Hacker uses to trap the good luck charms of Cyberspace. Other setups include a kitchen[4], an art studio[5], and on two occasions serviced as storage for the Transformatron[6][7]. In "Gone With The Fog", there are stairs leading to an upper level. In the episode, Hacker uses this area as a catwalk, but it appears to have no function purpose other than to overlook the rest of the hangar. A recurring depiction is the multitude of garbage bins near the entrance.

In some episodes, the hangar appears to be inconsistent in size with the Grim Wreaker sometimes seeming to take up the whole space, while other times leaving significant space left over. This is especially apparent in interior shots where the Wreaker seems to only take up half the width of the hangar. In "A Change of Art", the hangar appears to be significantly smaller, as the Wreaker is parked outside throughout the episode.


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