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00:01:13 Just look at him, Buzzy.
00:01:16 He's a disaster.
00:01:18 You're right, Deedee.
00:01:19 I've never seen the boss so depressed.
00:01:22 I can't think of any newideas to defeat Motherboard.
00:01:26 Even if I could, her earthbrats would just ruin them.
00:01:32 Maybe I should just give up! Wahahaha!
00:01:40 Special delivery for The Hacker.
00:01:45 " I know how to make chaos.
00:01:54 Turn on your TV for proof." I'm Erica Ram with late-breaking news from Sensible Flats!
00:02:02 Everyone there has been Hackerized!
00:02:07 They all look like me!
00:02:10 They all act like me!
00:02:12 You duncebucket!
00:02:14 Get out of my way!
00:02:16 Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
00:02:19 They even talk like me!
00:02:21 Someone has strategically placed a mysterious mechanism on the top of Climber's Rock -- and it's causing everyone to turn into Hacker!
00:02:30 All attempts to shut it off have failed!
00:02:33 What a plan!
00:02:34 What a genius!
00:02:36 I must find my fantastic fan!
00:02:44 Motherboard was right!
00:02:46 Sensible Flats has become the land of mean and green.
00:02:51 There's Sheriff Judy and Judge Trudy - I'll find out what's goin' on!
00:02:59 A Hacker version of me!
00:03:01 What could be better?
00:03:06 A Hacker of me!
00:03:07 That's what!
00:03:11 Careful, Didge...
00:03:11 they've been Hackerized!
00:03:15 Not everyone's been Hackerized!
00:03:17 It must be safe in there.
00:03:19 Come on!
00:03:23 Man, I'm glad you guys made it.
00:03:25 You must be those earth kids I've heard about.
00:03:28 I'm Ledge.
00:03:28 How come you're not Hackerized like everyone else?
00:03:31 I was in here when it all started.
00:03:33 The green haze can't get inside.
00:03:35 Outside, you only have three minutes till you turn into Hacker.
00:03:39 I timed it.
00:03:40 Three minutes?
00:03:42 Ohmigosh! Didge!
00:03:44 In here!
00:03:45 Come inside!
00:03:47 Didge!
00:03:48 Hurry, Didge!
00:03:49 Before you turn into...
00:03:51 Oh, no!
00:03:53 He's been Hackerized!
00:03:56 Who's a mean green machine now?
00:04:04 This is not good - this is not good at all.
00:04:08 Okay, which one of you came up with that genius plan to Hackerize Sensible Flats?
00:04:16 Which one of you is shrewder, more clever than I ever thought possible?
00:04:24 ...Trash!
00:04:25 Is it you?
00:04:29 Impossible!
00:04:31 Your head's full of garbage, not ideas.
00:04:35 Tonga?
00:04:40 Olga? Is it you?
00:04:44 No, not in a billion cyber-years!
00:04:47 ...That leaves you, Baskerville!
00:04:52 Baskerville?
00:04:53 As always, my liege, I'm at your service.
00:04:57 So it is you!
00:04:59 I should have known.
00:05:00 My own genius...
00:05:02 Welcome to my world!
00:05:04 And what a wonderful world it will be when we Hackerize all of cyberspace!
00:05:11 Would you like something to eat?
00:05:15 Poor Didge.
00:05:16 What are we going to do?
00:05:17 We have to unplug that Hackerizing machine!
00:05:19 And it has to be done by nightfall - or the Hackerization is permanent!
00:05:24 But the machine is all the way up there!
00:05:26 How are we supposed to get to it?
00:05:29 Climb.
00:05:29 It's the only way.
00:05:30 But we'd have to do it in three minutes - or get turned into Hacker!
00:05:35 I can do it.
00:05:36 I've rock-climbed before.
00:05:38 It's been a while, though.
00:05:39 You do a practice run on this - see how fast you go.
00:05:42 It looks just like the real Climber's Rock.
00:05:45 Close.
00:05:46 Except it's only one-third the height.
00:05:47 That means I need to climb it in one third the time it takes to climb the real one.
00:05:52 One-third of ee minutes is one minute.
00:05:55 That's sixty seconds Matt. Think it's doable?
00:05:58 Ask me in sixty seconds.
00:06:01 I'll time you.
00:06:04 ...Ready!
00:06:05 ...Go!
00:06:12 Go, Matt...go!
00:06:25 ...How fast?
00:06:26 Sixty-seven seconds!
00:06:30 Seven seconds too slow, Matt.
00:06:32 I know I can do this, guys.
00:06:34 I'll be faster on the real Rock.
00:06:35 You'll see.
00:06:36 Maybe...but why don't you make another practice run.
00:06:39 See if you can do better.
00:06:41 There's no time, Inez.
00:06:43 I know I can do it!
00:06:44 Don't worry.
00:06:45 Matt, wait!
00:06:49 You think he can make up seven seconds?
00:06:51 Sure.
00:06:52 Seven seconds is nothing.
00:06:54 Omigosh!
00:06:54 We forgot - the real Rock is three times higher than the practice wall!
00:06:59 So if Matt's seven seconds off in here - he'll be three times seven - or twentyone seconds off out there!
00:07:07 Maaaaaat!
00:07:10 Fifty eight seconds so far!
00:07:16 He'll never make it in time!
00:07:26 I'm gonna make...I'm gonna make it...
00:07:34 I didn't make it!
00:07:38 I think I'll take over Cyberspace instead!
00:07:47 This is terrible - Matt's been Hackerized!
00:07:50 One of us has got to pull the plug on that machine before sunset!
00:07:53 But... I've never rock climbed before.
00:07:57 Me neither.
00:07:58 I have...but I'm not very good.
00:08:01 That's why I come here to practice.
00:08:02 Maybe we should each take a run up the wall...see who can do it the fastest.
00:08:07 Good idea, Ledge.
00:08:08 I'll go first.
00:08:10 I'll time you.
00:08:12 I'll write down the times, on...uh...
00:08:15 this old shopping list!
00:08:16 Hit the timer!
00:08:24 Faster, Jax!
00:08:30 What...what was my time?
00:08:31 Seventy-three seconds!
00:08:33 I'll go next - then Inez!
00:08:35 I'm the slowest, with seventy-four seconds.
00:08:39 Jackie, you did it in seventy-three.
00:08:42 And Ledge're the fastest at seventy seconds.
00:08:46 I...I guess that means I'm the one who should scale Climber's Rock.
00:08:49 But you're still ten seconds too slow - that's thirty seconds up the real rock.
00:08:55 You'll never make it to the top in time!
00:08:58 Maybe if I keep practicing I'll get faster.
00:09:01 Yeah, more practice should work.
00:09:03 I'll be your coach and track your progress.
00:09:06 Cool!
00:09:07 Inez, will you be my training partner?
00:09:09 It sure would help.
00:09:11 Me?
00:09:12 I...I'm not good enough!
00:09:14 Sure you are.
00:09:15 And besides, we're talking about the future of Sensible Flats!
00:09:19 You're right - I'm in!
00:09:22 Partner!
00:09:23 Here's your room, Baskerville.
00:09:26 You sure are gettin' the royal treatment.
00:09:29 Why thank you, duncebuckets.
00:09:32 Hey, we're not your duncebuckets!
00:09:36 Yeah!
00:09:36 We're The Hacker's duncebuckets!
00:09:40 Indeed.
00:09:42 So,'s my genius?
00:09:46 My genius is at your command, sire.
00:09:49 Good!
00:09:50 Now tell me what supplies you need.
00:09:53 Supplies, sire?
00:09:54 What supplies?
00:09:55 Supplies to build Hackerizing Machines!
00:10:01 Of course! Supplies! I uh...I need...
00:10:03 um...lots of green things.
00:10:07 You heard our genius.
00:10:09 Go get green things!
00:10:11 Now!
00:10:13 How'd I do that time?
00:10:15 Better.
00:10:15 Here are your last three climbs.
00:10:18 The numbers are so jumbled - it's hard to tell which number shows Ledge's last practice time...or if we're getting clsoer to our goal.
00:10:27 Yeah, some organization would help...
00:10:29 Hmmmm...organize the numbers so we can track if we're getting closer to our goal.
00:10:36 Ooh, I know!
00:10:37 What if we graph the times?
00:10:40 Cool!
00:10:41 That'll give us a picture of Ledge's progress.
00:10:45 Okay!
00:10:46 Let's measure 'climb time' in seconds going up this way...
00:10:50 ...and 'practice number' across this way.
00:10:51 How many practices you think it'll take?
00:10:54 Ummm, let's try a dozen - twelve.
00:10:57 We can add more if we need to.
00:10:59 What about the 'climb time' scale?
00:11:01 Right.
00:11:02 Zero seconds would be here...
00:11:04 Since sixty seconds is our goal, let's start the times with sixty...
00:11:07 ...and let's go up by fives to, um, seventy-five seconds.
00:11:12 Now enter Ledge's 'climb times' so far.
00:11:17 Each of these points represents the climb time for each practice.
00:11:21 The dashed line between the points shows your progress.
00:11:24 And as the line drops...
00:11:26 ...I get closer to my goal!
00:11:28 Right!
00:11:29 Six seconds to go - let's keep practicing!
00:11:33 Observe, Matt-brat!
00:11:36 Trash everywhere - chaos at work!
00:11:39 What a magnificent sight!
00:11:43 Ah, yes!
00:11:44 Everyone is so busy thinking about themselves - no one cares about keeping Sensible Flats clean!
00:11:55 This is just the beginning!
00:12:08 Ledge! You okay?
00:12:16 Bad news, Ledge, your time went up.
00:12:19 Look at the line.
00:12:20 Sixty-seven seconds.
00:12:22 I was afraid this might happen.
00:12:25 Why?
00:12:26 What's the matter?
00:12:28 I'm wiped out.
00:12:29 I forgot to drink my prickly pear juice today.
00:12:32 Prickly pear juice?
00:12:33 Yeah, it gives me energy.
00:12:35 I'll run across to the General Store and get some.
00:12:38 No!
00:12:39 What if you don't make it back before you get Hackerized?
00:12:42 It's too risky!
00:12:43 We need you to unplug that machine!
00:12:45 But I really need it!
00:12:48 OK- I'll go!
00:12:49 I'm the coach - it's my job!
00:12:51 But Jax-- Believe me, I'll run fast.
00:12:54 The last thing I want is to turn green and mean!
00:13:05 Matt!
00:13:06 Digit!
00:13:07 Where are you headed, you impudent imp?
00:13:11 Ma-att!
00:13:12 It's me...Jackie!
00:13:14 Of course...Jackie.
00:13:17 The klutzy earthbrat!
00:13:23 Now listen to me, Digit.
00:13:25 I am not klutzy!
00:13:26 And stop trying to act like Hacker!
00:13:28 Act?
00:13:29 We are Hacker!
00:13:34 That's it...
00:13:35 I'm going back inside.
00:13:37 Not so fast, little lady.
00:13:52 Hurry, Jax!
00:13:54 It's almost been three minutes!
00:13:55 I'll unlock the door.
00:13:59 Open up!
00:14:00 Let me in!
00:14:01 What's wrong?
00:14:01 The lock's jammed!
00:14:05 Jackie!
00:14:06 No, no, NO!
00:14:08 I love my new hair style!
00:14:15 I never should have let her go!
00:14:18 Don't sweat it, Inez.
00:14:19 If this hadn't worked, I would have found another way.
00:14:23 Hunh?
00:14:23 What are you talking about?
00:14:25 You're our only hope!
00:14:27 Don't give up!
00:14:28 I'm not giving up.
00:14:29 In fact, I've already accomplished my goal: to help The Hacker...
00:14:34 and stop you!
00:14:37 Whaaat?
00:14:37 That machine up there ...I invented it!
00:14:41 You invented it?
00:14:43 You bet I did.
00:14:43 I wanted to show The Hacker that I could get rid of the CyberSquad.
00:14:47 I created chaos so you earth-brats would swoop in to save the day.
00:14:51 And you did, just as I planned!
00:14:53 Now everyone but little ole you has been Hackerized!
00:14:59 You haven't won yet, Ledge!
00:15:00 I can still climb that rock and shut down your machine.
00:15:05 Oh, really?
00:15:05 You think you can reach the top in three minutes?
00:15:07 I watched you climb - you don't stand a chance!
00:15:11 Now!
00:15:12 With this to protect me from my own invention, I'm going to claim my place next to The Hacker.
00:15:19 See ya, Nezzie!
00:15:22 Don't call me Nezzie!
00:15:24 I can't believe I trusted that rat!
00:15:27 Now I'm the only one left to pull the plug on Climber's Rock.
00:15:30 OOh, but Ledge is right, I'll never make it in time!
00:15:41 What am I going to do?
00:15:43 I can't let my friends stay Hackered.
00:15:46 But if I go outside and try climbing-- ...Hello?
00:15:53 Is someone here?
00:15:57 Eek! Deke!
00:15:59 ...Inez?
00:16:01 I remember you!
00:16:03 What are you doing here?
00:16:04 It's a long story, but I have to climb up Climber's Rock in less than three minutes to keep everyone in Sensible Flats from becoming Hackerized forever!
00:16:15 Whoa, hang onto yer hikin' boots, little lady.
00:16:19 That's a real mouthful.
00:16:27 Tumblin' tumbleweeds!
00:16:28 I see what you mean.
00:16:29 We sure don't want all those Hackers runnin' around here.
00:16:33 To climb that rock in time, I need to get to the top of this wall in sixty seconds - but my fastest time so far is seventy four seconds.
00:16:42 Back in the day, I did my fair share of climbin'.
00:16:46 Scurry on up there and show me what cha got.
00:16:48 I just might have a tip or two to help you go faster.
00:16:52 Oh thank you, Deke!
00:16:55 OK, I'm ready.
00:16:59 Give me a 'C'.
00:17:01 ..!
00:17:02 Give me an 'H'.
00:17:04 ..!
00:17:06 Give me an 'A-O-S'!
00:17:08 Aaaaa-ohhhhhh-esssss!
00:17:12 What's it spell?
00:17:14 Cha-os!
00:17:15 Yayyyyyyy!
00:17:22 How come your machine looks mothing like the one on TV?
00:17:29 Yeah, and it's way smaller, too.
00:17:32 Because I'm not finished, that's why!
00:17:35 I'm still creating!
00:17:37 Now go away or I'll tell master!
00:17:42 He'll tell master?
00:17:43 Hmph. We should tell master!
00:17:45 You're right.
00:17:46 I say Baskerville's a fake!
00:17:50 You've gotten better, Inez...
00:17:53 But yer stuck on seventy seconds.
00:17:57 What am I going to do, Deke?
00:17:59 I can't seem to go any faster.
00:18:02 Watch.
00:18:02 Instead of huggin' the rock like this...
00:18:06 ...stay upright.
00:18:07 Let your legs do the work.
00:18:09 Use yer hands for balance.
00:18:13 I'll try.
00:18:21 Sixty-six seconds!
00:18:25 Yahoo, Inez!
00:18:25 You made the line on this here graph take a nosedive!
00:18:30 Wow!
00:18:30 I improved by four whole seconds!
00:18:34 Got any more tips?
00:18:35 I reckon I do.
00:18:37 Let's get to workin'!
00:18:40 Move like a spider!
00:18:42 One limb at a time.
00:18:51 Plan ahead!
00:18:52 Climb with your eyes!
00:18:55 Uh-oh.
00:18:56 This can't be right.
00:18:58 Stay upright.
00:18:59 Feet below your hands!
00:19:03 Take small steps.
00:19:05 Keep 'em small!
00:19:17 ...Fifty-nine seconds!
00:19:20 I beat the goal!
00:19:21 I did it!
00:19:23 Yup.
00:19:23 And the story of "how" is right here on the graph.
00:19:28 See?
00:19:28 It shows yer change over time.
00:19:31 Here, you started to move like a spider.
00:19:34 And here's "planning ahead".
00:19:38 This is where I learned to keep my feet below my hands.
00:19:42 And here, to take small steps.
00:19:44 Yep, yer ready for the big climb, sweeetheart.
00:19:49 Thanks, Deke.
00:19:50 I think I can do it.
00:19:53 What is this thing?
00:19:58 Where are my Hackerizing Machines?
00:20:00 Boss...excuse me, but we don't think Baskerville-- Don't bother me now!
00:20:08 But, Boss, Baskerville is a-- Fraud!
00:20:14 Who are you?
00:20:15 I'm Ledge, the one who sent you the letter - and Hackerized Sensible Flats.
00:20:21 Hunh?
00:20:22 I thought that was Baskerville.
00:20:25 Uh...ahh...
00:20:28 That's what we were trying to tell you.
00:20:31 Yeah!
00:20:31 Baskerville's a phony!
00:20:35 I must take my leave, my liege!
00:20:37 I'm the real deal, Hacker. I did this!
00:20:43 Brilliant!
00:20:44 I like your style, Ledge.
00:20:46 With the Cybersquad Hackerized, I can...
00:20:49 Breaking news, folks!
00:20:51 Inez is attempting to scale Climber's Rock!
00:20:54 Can she do it in three minutes?
00:20:56 The countdown has begun.
00:20:58 Whaaat?
00:20:59 I thought they were all Hackerized!
00:21:00 Don't worry - she won't make it!
00:21:02 Can the smallest member of the Cybersquad reach the machine in three minutes?
00:21:07 The fate of Sensible Flats is in her hands.
00:21:12 That's it, Inez.
00:21:13 Feet below hands, small steps...small steps...
00:21:21 Why didn't you Hackerize her, too?
00:21:24 Because...because it was part of my plan.
00:21:28 Which part?
00:21:29 Yeah, um...the last part.
00:21:32 Less than a half minute left!
00:21:33 Ten seconds...nine-eight-seven...
00:21:38 She'd better not reach it!
00:21:56 Let me understand something, Ledge.
00:21:59 That's The Ledge, to you!
00:22:04 After your missed opportunity you ...are going to help me conquer Motherboard?
00:22:12 I can explain!
00:22:13 I...I did this to show you how good the Cybersquad really is - so you won't underestimate them anymore.
00:22:20 That's why you always fail.
00:22:22 Fail?
00:22:25 Buzz, Ledge what happens when you fail!
00:22:33 You'll be sorry, Hacker!
00:22:35 You need me!
00:22:39 You're making a mistake!
00:22:40 You'll never defeat those kids without me!
00:22:47 Inez, you were awesome.
00:22:49 Thanks to Deke!
00:22:50 Aw, shucks, sweetheart!
00:22:52 You did all the climbin'.
00:22:54 Rats!
00:22:55 Foiled by the Cybersquad again!
00:23:00 Didge?
00:23:00 Are you still Hackerized?
00:23:02 No way - Ja-kay.
00:23:04 The the Didge!
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