For the episode, see The Halloween Howl.
For the event, see Halloween Howl (holiday).
Cyberchase - The Halloween Howl!

Cyberchase - The Halloween Howl!

"Halloween Howl" is a tie-in song for the Cyberchase episode "The Halloween Howl". It was available through Cyberchase Online in 2006.[1] The song recounts the events of the episode.


[Verse 1]

Everybody gettin' ready for Halloween night
And the streets of Castleblanca made a freaky sight
But somethin' kinda creepy's takin' over this place
And caused this spooky situation here on Cyberchase

That mean rotten Hacker brought the gargoyles to life
To scare everyone away on Halloween night
The CyberSquad is freaked
The party's up in the air
Thanks to the borg's goofy gargoyles and that dastardly scare

Come on and howl at the Halloween Howl
Everybody get ready for the Halloween Howl
All the little monsters and beasts that growl
We're all gonna go to the Halloween Howl

[Verse 2]

Now Jackie and Digit had a plan they thought could foil
Hacker's seven ugly run amok-y spooky gargoyles
Divide and conquer
Chase 'em one by one
With some super stinky garlic that would get 'em on the run

Next they gave them candy and those gargoyles turned sweet
Then they turned on mean old Hacker and forced him to retreat
Now Matt and Inez and all the cyber peeps
Heard the party was on and it was on for keeps

[Repeat chorus]


Get ready for the treats
Get ready for some tricks
Get ready for witches riding on their broomsticks

Costumes and pumpkins
It's gonna be a scream
Just the way we like it on a super cyber Halloween

[Repeat chorus 2×]

[Chorus 2]
Come on and join us for the Halloween Howl
Everybody you know is at the Halloween Howl
All the little monsters and beasts that growl
Happy Halloween from Cyberchase


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