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"Harry's Sweet Job"
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Original air date
Directed by
Bob Morris
Written by
Produced by
Jill Peters
Bob Morris
Suzanne Rose

"Harry's Sweet Job" is the For Real Segment for "A Fraction of a Chance".


Harry has a sweet job in an amazing place – a chocolate shop! What's more, he is the manager. One day, his employee Margaret is out sick, so now he can't go on lunch break. However, Harry’s cousin Harley enters the shop and admires his job. Harley wonders whether he can help. Harry is hesitant to let him help, but Harley tells him that if he is hired, he will cover for him during his lunch break. Harley, thinking that he is hired, is excited to have some free samples. Harry says that it's not allowed, he has to pay just like the other customers. The first customer enters the shop and orders 5/8 hazelnut and 3/8 raspberry. Harry demonstrates to Harley how he uses fractions to fill customers’ orders and explains to him about the numbers in the fraction, but Harley only has eyes for the chocolate, but he understands the concept. Another customer shows up and orders 5/8 hazelnut, 2/8 raspberry, and 1/8 mocha. Harley is still paying attention to chocolate, when Harry gets his attention. Later, Harley tells Harry to go on his lunch break. Harry asks Harley if he can handle the stand while he's out. Harley says he can because he knows the concept Harry taught him well. Harry thanks him and goes out on his lunch break. He also spends his lunch break doing trapeze practice with a partner. While Harry is not around, a customer enters a shop and orders 4/8 hazelnut, 3/8 mocha, and 1/8 caramel. Unbeknownst to the customer, Harley eats the latter two kinds and gives the customer the rest. Harry thanks Harley for covering for him. The same customer comes back and complains that 4/8 of the chocolate he ordered are missing. He only got the hazelnut chocolates, but not the mocha and caramel. Harry apologizes and replaces the missing chocolates. After Harry does that, the angry customer leaves the shop. Harry asks Harley if he knows how this incident happened. Harley obviously lies saying he has no idea, because he has chocolate on his face. As a punishment, Harry tells Harley he has some more chocolate for him. Harley looks only to see Harry's response in chocolate letters: “You’re fired!”, implying he is fired from working in the shop ever again.

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