"Harry Restores Balance"
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"Harry Restores Balance" is the For Real Segment for "An Urchin Matter".


Camp counselor Harry asks his counselor-in-training, Harley, about his plans for the day’s activities. When Harley says he wants to have a pie-eating contest and a hot dog-eating contest before the campers break for lunch, Harry tells him that the campers need a more balanced program of activities. Later, Harry is shocked to learn that Harley has only allowed the campers to play games that he can win. Harry takes over and leads everyone in “Chomp, Nibble, Grow, Grow, Grow,” a game that demonstrates how otters, urchins, and kelp exist together and depend on one another to maintain a healthy, balanced ecosystem. Both teams of campers win the game, and Harry shows Harley that balance is as important to their camp as it is to the otter’s ecosystem.

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