"How It All Started: Webisode 1" is the first Cyberchase webisode, and the first part of the "How It All Started" prequel series. It was originally published in December 2001. The included browser minigame is titled "Hacker's Safe"[1].


The narration gives an introductory explanation of Cyberspace[2] and its cybersites[3].

At the Cyber Grand Council Building, the heads of several cybersites are in a meeting with Motherboard to discuss the future[4], demonstrating her benevolent and optimistic leadership[5].

The narration then explains that Motherboard exists as the brain of Control Central[6], which oversees Cyberspace[7], and is maintained by Dr. Marbles[8]. Dr. Marbles creates a cyborg who calls himself The Hacker and wants to take over Cyberspace[9]. Hacker, in turn, creates Digit[10].

One night, while Dr. Marbles is away, Hacker removes Motherboard's Encryptor Chip and locks it in a secret vault[11]. Digit needs to figure out the combination and return the chip to Motherboard before it's too late[12], which is presented in the form of a minigame where the player must complete 3 patterns[1].

Motherboard chides Hacker and exiles him from Control Central[13]. Dr. Marbles drains his power and places him in a cyberpod[14] that flies to the farthest reaches of the Northern Frontier[15]. However, unbeknownst to Motherboard or Dr. Marbles, Hacker also brought Digit into the pod against his will[16].


  • In this webisode, Hacker is depicted as being power-hungry from his creation[9], whereas in later flashbacks, he sincerely wanted to help Motherboard for some time, and only later became evil[17][18].


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