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"How It All Started: Webisode 3" is the third Cyberchase webisode, and the final part of the How It All Started prequel series that was later expanded into Web Adventures. It was originally published in December 2001. The included browser minigame is titled Bike Route.


Following the events of "How It All Started: Webisode 2", Digit has returned to Motherboard Control Central, where Dr. Marbles warmly welcomes him back before Motherboard[1].

Hacker is furious at Digit's acts of betrayal[2]. Meanwhile on Earth, the narration introduces Jackie, Matt, and Inez, in that order, and their personality traits. It establishes that they don't yet know each other, but are about to have an adventure.[3] Inez has to run errands and get to the library before it closes[4][5].

Back in Cyberspace, Hacker is getting recharged for a plan to shut down Motherboard's computer circuits[6], while Motherboard is undergoing a routine upgrade[7].

Inez, Jackie, and Matt meet for the first time outside the library[8]. Once they go inside, Hacker discovers them[9]. This leads into the events of "Lost My Marbles".