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"Hugs & Witches"
2003-02-14 - Episode 201.jpg
Original air date
February 14, 2003
Directed by
Larry Jacobs
Written by
Sheila Head
George Arthur Bloom
Kristin Laskas Martin
"Out of Sync"

"Hugs and Witches" is the first episode of Season 2 of Cyberchase. It originally aired on February 14, 2003.


Main Characters

Recurring/Minor Characters



It’s Valentine’s Day, and Hacker captures Dr. Marbles and Lady Ada Lovelace, placing them inside the time machine invented by the mathematically-minded Lovelace. The Cybersquad must decipher a series of poems left behind by Lady L and free them from the time machine before it time travels to the nether world of Cyberspace — never to return!  Will the kids get there in time, or will Valentine’s Day bring nothing but broken hearts?


Dr. Marbles is on a stroll with a lady named Lady Ada Lovelace, (Lady L.) when suddenly, Hacker appears and capture them. He then puts them inside a time machine that Lady L. built and sets a timer to 30 minutes before they're transported to pre-historic times forever. The doc and Lady L. were tied up so they can't deactivate the machine. Hacker then leaves Buzz and Delete to guard the captives to make sure the Cybersquad doesn't rescue them.

Meanwhile at Inez's house, Inez and Jackie are making a Valentine for Motherboard, while Matt, who doesn't like Valentine's day, just plays with his yo-yo, when Motherboard appears and tells the squad about the doc and Lady L. The kids then teleport to Cyberspace, meet up with Digit, and then search for Dr. Marbles and Lady L.

Back at the time machine, Dr. Marbles and Lady L. forget about the timer and talk about events from the past, which kind of grosses Buzz and Delete out.

Along the way, the squad helps out a gnome who needed to make piles of rocks with each pile having the same amount, give fresh baked cookies to some trolls to cross a bridge, and figure out which joker from a group of jokers is of the median height.

When they finally get to the time machine, they sneak around back to avoid Buzz and Delete. Lady L. then gives them the code to stop the countdown. They stop it with one minute to spare and free the doc and Lady L. But Buzz and Delete notice them and chase after them. But the Cybersquad tricks the two bots to go into the time machine and the kids send them to pre-historic times. Dr. Marbles and Lady L. thank the kids for saving them and they return home, while Buzz and Delete get attacked by a dinosaur.

Back at home, Inez finds a couple of Valentine's on the ground. Matt tries to grab them from her but Inez tosses them to Jackie who reads them. The girls thought Matt was really sweet. Then they both kiss him on either cheek making Matt blush and say "Aw man."


  • Math Topic: "Data Clusters" explores how the mode or median can be used to take a collection of numbers and find just one number to represent them all.
  • For Real Segment: "If the Shoe Fits"



  • Digit mentions Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from a popular novel called The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde when he and Jackie, Matt and Inez are searching for Dr. Marbles and Lady Lovelace who are in the time machine.
  • Matt also mentions a killer named Jack the Ripper, the producers had that reference in this episode, but it was dark.
  • Inez refers to Lady Lovelace as a daughter.
  • This Is The First Valentines Day Episode In The Series, The Next Is A Garden Grows in Botlyn.
  • Lady Lovelace is voiced by Saturday Night Live cast member Jane Curtin.
  • The main troll in this episode resembles Shrek.


  • When Inez reads the poem when The Cybersquad tries to figure out a way to cross the troll bridge, Jackie's bracelet disappears at one shot.
  • At the end of the episode, where Inez passes Jackie the Valentine, at one shot one of her eyes is not colored in.


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