The library is a blue building on Earth, with three towers and book-shaped windows. Inez bikes there just in time to use the research room[1] after completing the rest of her errands.[2] Once in the lobby, she meets Matt, who is trying to find the Mythology section, and Jackie.

Hacker seems to have access to a security camera feed in this building, allowing him to see the interactive map in the lobby that breaches Motherboard's security system when the three Earth children try to use it.

Motherboard calls on the Earth children for help and uses a portal to warp them into Cyberspace for the first time from the lobby. When another portal returns them to the library, Inez wonders how they can be sure that their adventure actually happened until Digit and Motherboard appear on the map again.[1]


  • Lobby[1]
  • Mythology section[1]
  • Research room[1]


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