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At the end of every Cyberchase episode, there is a live-action For Real segment displaying how the math learned in the episode can be used in real life.

Season 1

Episode Title (Math Topic) For Real Title and Description Math Message Main Character
101 Lost My Marbles (Navigation) Gorillas in the Midst - At the local zoo, Bianca is on a mission to see a baby gorilla. She gets lost en route, and even a map doesn't help—at first. Then she discovers how to orient herself with the landmarks on the map. Maps are great navigational tools when you know how to use them. When you use a map, make sure that both you and the map are pointed in the same direction. Bianca
102 Castleblanca (Using Data) Bianca's Greatest Hits - Bianca wants to buy her sister the hottest new CD for her birthday. But what is the hottest new CD, and how can Bianca find out? She decides to take a survey outside the music store, and finds out that it's Alicia Keys' "Songs In A Minor". By collecting data you can find useful information in the numbers. Sometimes you have to revise your questions so the data will be helpful. Bianca
103 R-Fair City (Probability) Bianca Flips Out - Bianca flips a coin to make a decision, then wonders if a coin toss really is a fifty-fifty proposition. How many times does she have to flip the coin for a "fifty-fifty" chance of winning? She goes on a quest to find out. If you flip a coin just a few times, heads may not come up half the time. But if you flip lots of times, heads will come up about half the time and tails about half. That's what's meant by "fifty-fifty." Bianca
104 Snow Day to Be Exact (Estimation) Regards to Broadway - It is near closing time at the theater discount ticket booth, and Harry is at the end of a slow-moving line. Will he make it to the ticket window before it closes? You can estimate how long it will take to move from one point to another by breaking the distance into shorter parts, timing how long it takes to travel across one smaller part, and multiplying that amount of time by the number of parts. Harry
105 Sensible Flats (Area) The Big Sleep - A girl is planning a sleepover birthday party. To figure out the maximum number of friends she can invite, she decides to count how many sleeping bags she can fit to cover the area on the floor. To figure out how many rectangles will fit in a larger rectangle, multiply the number of rows by the number in each row. Bianca
106 Zeus on the Loose (Fractions) Room for One More - Harry's lemonade is the best, made from a secret recipe handed down through generations, and he decides to use it to impress his friend Jennifer. He invites her over and makes just the right amount for two. Unfortunately, Jennifer brings her sister, she brings her boyfriend, and he brings his cousins. Can Harry divide his lemonade-for-two between eight people ... and still have enough for romance? If you have an amount to share equally, the more equal shares, the smaller each share. Harry
107 The Poddleville Case (Patterns) Stomp, Look and Listen - When he meets up with cast members from the show Stomp, Kareem discovers that a pattern can be something that you hear as well as see. A pattern is a sequence that repeats. Sound patterns can turn noise into music. Kareem
108 And They Counted Happily Ever After (Number Sense) Bianca on the Run - Hoping to pick up some pointers to improve the way she runs, Bianca volunteers to count runners in a marathon and uses an abacus to keep track. When it comes to big numbers, place value is everything. Bianca
109 Clock Like An Egyptian (Time Keeping) Harry's Time Out - Harry loves all kinds of clocks, from grandfather clocks and their pendulums to small portable clocks with balance wheels. To measure time you need a timepiece that counts and keeps track of regular beats. Harry
110 Secrets of Symmetria (Symmetry) This Takes the Cake - Harry gets a job as a cake decorator at a fancy French bakery. His assignment? To make a cake with one side a perfect mirror image of the other. Symmetries are patterns that we can find or create. They have balance and order pleasing to the eye. Harry
111 A Day at the Spa (Combinations) Harry Does Lunch - Harry has a new job in a deli but he has to figure out how to bring in more customers or he'll lose it! He starts thinking about all the ways he can combine what's in the sandwiches, and bingo—he gets 120 different kinds, and business is booming! Organized lists can help you master combinations. To find the number of possibilities, multiply together the number of possible choices for each category. Harry
112 Of All The Luck (Logic) A Pizza to Go with Gross Anchovies - Bianca is ordering a pizza for her friends, Darcy and Lupe. Both Darcy and Lupe want anchovies, Bianca can't bear to be near them, let alone eat them! How can they order a pie with the toppings arranged so the anchovies are nowhere near her pieces? When you have to choose from a confusing mix of possibilities, you can use logic and a Venn diagram to picture and refine your choices so you can get exactly what you want. Bianca
113 Eureeka (2D and 3D Geometry) All Dolled Up - Harry orders the perfect present for his sister—a two-story dollhouse with six rooms! However, what comes in the mail is a thin, flat box with two-dimensional pieces of cardboard inside! Join in the fun as Harry transforms the flat pieces of the house into a roomy place to play. When you join two-dimensional geometrical shapes together, it is possible to create three-dimensional objects. Harry
114 Cool It (Liquid Volume) Bianca's Babysitting Blues - Bianca looks forward to babysitting for twins. In her attempt to give each the same amount of formula, she discovers that all the baby bottles are different shapes. How can she find two that hold the same amount? The volume of a container is not dependent on height alone. Width and depth also determine how much a container can hold. Bianca
115 Find Those Gleamers! (Algebra) That Suits Me Fine - Harry is shopping for a 'new look' and he's saved $100 to meet that goal. But he doesn't want to end up with just a new jacket or a new pair of pants—he's looking for a total new look, the most his money can buy. When you use a letter to stand in for a number that repeats or changes in a problem, you can simplify the arithmetic and make the problem easier to solve. Harry
116 Codename: Icky (Codes) Harry's Cracked Code - Harry and his friend, Julio, have found an ancient Viking alphabet to send coded messages to each other. For fun, Julio uses the code to invite Harry to a special event. Harry decodes part of Julio's invitation, then stops when he thinks he knows the rest. So, why is he the only one who shows up at Julio's in costume Saturday night? To read a coded message, follow a rule for substitution that you share with the person who sent the message. To create a coded message, use the rule in reverse. Harry
117 Return to Sensible Flats (Line Graphs) An Endless Cycle - Harry decides to ride his unicycle to visit with his grandmother, and uses a line graph to predict that he can make the 20-mile trip before dark. You can use a line graph to make predictions, and to tell a story about how things change over time. Harry
118 Problem Solving in Shangri-La (Working Backwards) Following the Paper Trail - Harry agrees to take over his brother Pete's paper route for a week in exchange for pancake breakfasts every day for a month. Can he rework the route-using problem solving skills and survive the week to enjoy his month of pancakes? To solve a challenging problem, you might try strategies that include making an organized list, finding a pattern, and looking at the problem backwards. Harry
119 Send in the Clones (Multiplication) Donut Doze Off - Bianca has a new job decorating fresh-baked donuts. Her supervisor asks her to decorate twelve trays of donuts, and Bianca thought he meant twelve donuts! When she discovers her mistake, she uses multiplication and repeated addition to discover the true size of her job. When faced with a challenging multiplication problem, you can break apart the problem into several smaller problems that are easier to solve. Bianca
120 Trading Places (Monetary Systems) All That Glitters is Not Gold - Bianca finds a gold coin—and thinks that she's rich! When she takes her coin to an expert to find out how rich, she learns that the coin is only worth a dollar. She also learns that in past currency was made of something precious or represented a particular amount of silver or gold. Today, though, money is symbolic, worth an agreed-upon exchange value. Currency is a system where you exchange goods for tokens of different fixed values. Once, the tokens were made from precious items, but now their value is symbolic. Bianca
121 Less Than Zero (Negative Numbers) Keeping it Positive - Harry needs a score of fifty in order to qualify for the Northern Hemisphere games. During the ice skating competition, his performance is so bad his score is a negative number. Can his performance in other events have a positive result? Numbers don't have to stop at zero! Negative numbers—numbers that are less than zero—can extend the range of what you can measure on a scale and give you the ability to compare numbers using direction as well as amount. Harry
122 Model Behavior (Modeling) Bianca Gets Spacey - Bianca, who loves space movies, decides to go on a simulated mission in a model spacecraft at the Challenger Center. When an emergency arises, she gets carried away, and tries to take over other crew members' responsibilities. Simulation is a form of modeling that allows people to practice the process of solving problems. Bianca
123 Fortress of Attitude (Linear Measurement) On the Right Track - Inspired by the NY marathon, Bianca has decided to compete in a 200-meter race. But when she sees that her starting position on the inside lane is behind where all the other runners start, she protests that the race is unfair. Measurement with a trundlewheel proves her wrong. Sometimes distances look like they aren't equal when they are. To tell for sure, measure and compare. Bianca
124 Size Me Up (Scale and Size) Bianca Gets the Big Picture - When Bianca interviews for a job at a copy shop, she volunteers to take over an important job started by Pat, an employee who has taken ill. The challenge is to make a life-size copy of a photo of the King of Sloovoonia. When the King comes in to pick up the finished product, Bianca's brush with royalty is different from what she expected. Making a copy of a picture larger involves multiplying all dimensions by the same number. In order for the copy to be larger than the original, the scale needs to be greater than 100%. Bianca
125 A Battle of Equals (Balancing Equations) Bianca's Corny Act - Bianca and Tracy are making popcorn balls for a school picnic. But when they make a mountain of popcorn, Bianca realizes they used 10 cups of unpopped popcorn when the recipe called for 10 cups of popped popcorn. Writing the recipe as an equation helps them understand how to adjust the ingredients accordingly. Keep an equation in balance by treating each side the same. Bianca
126 Out of Sync (Patterns in Music) When Harry Met Stephanie - When Harry takes a free tap dancing lesson, he learns how patterns form rhythmic patterns. In a daydream, he imagines that he and the dance teacher make beautiful music together with their feet. A pattern is a sequence that repeats; something that happens again and again. Patterns can be sounds or movements. Harry

Season 2

Episode Title (Math Topic) For Real Title and Description Math Message Main Character
201 Hugs & Witches (Data Clusters) If the Shoe Fits - On the job at Harry's Shoe's, a shoe store, Bianca consults sales data when placing an order. When a customer with really big feet requests a size Bianca hasn’t ordered, she realizes she shouldn’t have focused only on the top-selling sizes. You can use data to make decisions. Bianca
202 Totally Rad (Perimeter/Area Relationship) The Dumas Diamond - Hoping for a big reward, Harry joins the hunt for the missing Dumas Diamond. Everyone participating receives the same length of tape to outline the area where they are searching. Harry becomes perturbed when he notices that someone else has marked off a bigger area to search. He does find the diamond, but the reward does quite not meet his expectations. Shapes with the same perimeter can have different areas. Harry
203 Harriet Hippo & the Mean Green (Fractions Equivalence) Bianca's New Pet - To thank Bianca for her help on his farm, Uncle Ed is bringing home a special pet named Lassie. Bianca decides to build a doghouse (badly hurting herself in the process) and uses her knowledge of equivalent fractions to put shingles on the roof. When Lassie arrives, Bianca gets a big surprise. Fractions that look different can represent the same portion of a whole. Bianca
204 True Colors (Counter Examples) Harry Makes a Mess - When Harry drops ice cream on his favorite brand new used shirt, he orders Sleazy-Off, a stain remover that, according to an ad on TV, removes stains from all fabrics. Although Sleazy-Off does remove ice cream stains from Harry’s pants, sock, and pillow, it doesn’t work on his shirt. After fantasizing about taking the ad pitchman to court, Harry comes up with a simple way to prevent making a mess the next time. When people use words like “all” to claim that something is true, be suspicious! Such claims are often false, and you need only a single counterexample to disprove them. Harry
205 All the Right Angles (Angle Measurement) Harry Gets Board - When Harry goes snowboarding for the first time, he vows to do a “360” by the end of the day...although he doesn’t even know what the term means. An instructor helps him to learn that 360 refers to the number of degrees in a complete turn, and that it takes lots of practice to be able to do such a stunt. Ignoring the instructor’s advice, Harry heads up the mountain before he’s ready and has a hair-raising trip back down. Degrees describe the size of angles. If you turn in a complete circle, the angle is 360 degrees. Harry
206 Mother’s Day (Decimals) Bianca Hits the Road - Bianca is taking a road trip to go to a concert with Geraldine, her friend. But when using directions printed out from a Web site, she gets confused about when to make a turn. She realizes the odometer can help, but makes a calculation mistake by leaving out a decimal when adding mileage. The mistake takes her down the wrong road, but a shortcut saves the day. When adding distances expressed in tenths of miles, be sure the decimals are in the right place, or you could make a big mistake. Bianca
207 The Eye of Rom (Inverse Operations) Bianca's Undoing - Overcome with boredom, Bianca fantasizes she is a purple-haired secret agent whose mission is to thwart Dr. Ennui’s scheme to do away with all the world’s video games. Following directions from headquarters, she enters his fortress, finds the video game eliminator, opens it, and replaces a powerful red crystal with a harmless blue one. However, when she attempts to do the inverse of her actions, she leaves out a key step, and sets off the alarm. Will she manage to escape his fortress and return to her dull life? In order to undo a whole series of actions, keep track of the order in which you did them and undo each one in the reverse order. Bianca
208 A Whale of a Tale (Ballpark Estimation) Harry's Such a Card - Responding to a comic book ad with the promise “Get Rich Quick,” Harry decides to sell Cheesy Greeting Cards. Unfortunately, he has fewer relatives and friends to buy the cards than he thought, and his attempts to sell them on the street are not successful. When he calculates the amount sold, he is pleasantly surprised that the total is more than $250. Ballpark estimation confirms that this sum is unreasonable, and shows that it’s possible to make a mistake even when using an adding machine. To be confident about your solution to a problem, make sure the answer is reasonable – that it is “in the ballpark.” Harry
209 Double Trouble (Growth by Doubling) Harry Goes Against the Grain - Harry wants to bet that he will win a chess game. His opponent—a boy he’s babysitting – refuses to gamble. But the boy asks Harry which amount he would wager: five dollars, or a bunch of pennies – one on the first square of the chessboard, then double the number of pennies from square to square. When Harry says he’d bet dollars rather than pennies, the boy tells him “The Legend of the Grain of Rice.” In the story the king (played by Harry) forces a peasant (played by the boy) to accept a reward for a good deed he has done. The peasant requests a grain of rice on the first square of the chessboard, two grains on the next, and for each of the remaining squares, twice the number of grains on the square before it. Ultimately, the king owes the peasant 549,755,830,887 tons of rice. That’s enough to cover the surface of the earth twice! Something that grows by doubling gets large surprisingly fast. Harry
210 Raising the Bar (Bar Graphs) When Harry Met Bianca - In their new jobs at a movie theater, Harry and Bianca compete to sell the most snacks at the concession stand. At first a comparison of bar graphs charting their sales suggests Harry has sold the most. However, when Bianca points out that the use of different scales on the graphs is misleading, she discovers that they both have sold the same amount, and both are worthy of the cherished title “Employee of the Month.” This is the first episode in which both Harry and Bianca are featured. Bar graphs are useful when comparing numbers of different things visually. When you compare values from different graphs, make sure the scales are the same. Harry and Bianca
211 The Wedding Scammer (Making Hard Problems Easier) Training the Trainer - Harry is a volunteer at the New York Aquarium, where he’s learning how to train animals. Harry learns that the process of teaching the sea lions a routine involves planning it out step-by-step using a diagram, focusing on one step at a time, and trying to stay dry. When faced with a hard problem, break it into smaller problems that you can solve. Making a picture of the problem often gives you insight into how to proceed. Harry
212 The Guilty Party (Point of View) Hoop Schemes - After a winning a couple of one-on-one basketball games, Bianca heads over to Coney Island. There she tries to win a stuffed animal by sinking a basket. Frustrated by several unsuccessful attempts, when Bianca looks at the hoop from down below, she discovers that it is shaped like an oval, rather than a circle. Using this knowledge, she changes her shooting strategy so the ball goes in without touching the backboard, and, to the chagrin of Mr. Sleaze, sinks two shots in a row. A shape that you see depends on the object and on the direction from which you look at it – your point of view. Change your point of view and the shape you see can change, too. Bianca
213 A Time To Cook (Elapsed Time) Radio Daze - As a radio DJ, Harry makes a mistake on his rundown, and is caught with his mouth full of sandwich when a song ends sooner than he thought it would. To make up time, he plays the next song at a slow speed. That ends up taking too long, so he reads the news at lightning speed. When the boss calls, Harry is surprised that, rather than getting fired, he gets a promotion and a raise, because listeners found his show so entertaining. When you need to know how early or late you are, find the difference between the scheduled time and the time on the clock. Harry
214 Trick or Treat (Functions) Bianca Functions in the Wild - On her first camping trip with her friend Wendy, Bianca’s miserable experience is made more so when she realizes she has forgotten to bring the food.  On a search for edible berries, she finds something she thinks is even better – a vending machine in the middle of the woods. Unfortunately, it isn’t working properly, but Bianca saves the day by figuring out the pattern to use when pressing buttons, so she can get the desired treat. Two quantities – the input and output – are connected by a rule. Find the rule and you can predict any outcome. Bianca

Season 3

Episode Title (Math Topic) For Real Title and Description Math Message Main Character
301 EcoHaven CSE (Body Math) The Great Stringdini - The beginning of Harry’s audition for “Star Seek” is a nightmare. A heckler in the audience disrupts his magic act, complaining that he’s seen Harry’s tricks before. After mopping flop sweat from his brow, Harry tries some new material. Using a piece of string and his knowledge of body math, he predicts the size of the heckler’s wrist, neck, arm span, and height. The crowd applauds wildly, and the club owner predicts Harry will be a big star. Some parts of a body are proportional to others--- the length of one part is always the same multiple of another. So by measuring one part, you can predict the lengths of others. Harry
302 The Borg of the Ring (Circles) Bianca's Good Turn - When Bianca visits an arcade, she tries her luck at a wheel of fortune and notices that another player is winning repeatedly. She becomes suspicious, and then notices that the pegs on the wheel are not in a circular arrangement. By measuring with a shoelace she confirms that the pegs are not equidistant from the center of the wheel, which means that certain colors are more likely to win than others. Once his scam is uncovered, Mr. Sleaze turns the wheel over to Bianca, who promises new players that the game is “fair and circular.” In a circle all the points are the same distance from the center. Bianca
303 A World Without Zero (Zero) Zero Gravity at the Circus - After months of circus training, Harry and his seven-year-old partner Liza are preparing to audition for the professional troupe. Liza is frustrated because Harry has refused to practice balancing on a large ball. When juggling and riding a unicycle during the audition, Harry and Liza get higher scores than Danny and Samantha. However, when Harry is unable to balance on the big ball, he gets a zero, and the other team finishes with a higher total score. With impressive maturity, Liza graciously accepts Harry’s humble apology, saying “It’s nothing.” When you calculate with the number zero, the results can be surprising. Harry
304 A Piece of the Action (Percentage) Bianca's Fifty Percent Solution - Although she has a big cell phone bill to pay off, Bianca can’t resist checking out a 50% off sale in a store she passes. A persuasive clerk convinces Bianca that she can’t do without such necessities as a feather boa, multi-colored wigs, and a chair in the shape of a high heel. However, when her purchases total $500 even with 50% off, reason prevails, and Bianca makes a selfless, but affordable purchase – a princess outfit for her dog Mojo. Fifty percent of an amount is the same as one-half the amount, but it can still be a lot of money. Bianca
305 The Creech Who Would Be Crowned (Distance and Direction) Bend it Like Bianca - When Elizabeth, one of the soccer players on Team Velocity gets injured, it looks like the team will have to forfeit the game, and the chance to go to the finals. Bianca volunteers to play, although she has never played soccer before. After making a series of errors, Bianca learns that she needs to be mindful of both direction and distance in order to get the ball where she wants it to go. Ultimately she makes the goal that wins the game. You have to consider both direction and distance when you want an object to go from one place to another. Bianca
306 The Grapes of Plath (High-Low Estimation) Harry Talks Turkey - Both the chef and waiter call in sick, and Harry’s friend asks him to help out playing both roles. When he runs out of one entrée and has extras of another, Harry learns to hone his estimation skills. When you need make an estimate, consider the situation because there might be reasons to make your estimate a little higher or lower just to be safe. Harry
307 A Perfect Fit (Tessellations) Harry's Off the Wall Scheme - When Darlene disparages his beloved clown poster, Harry decides to give his apartment a makeover. Since he can’t afford to buy wallpaper, he recycles -- making his own using tessellated pieces of wallpaper cut from sample books. Darlene thinks the result is hideous, but Sally admires Harry’s work and admits she misses the clown poster, winning his heart. It is possible to use a certain shape repeatedly to tessellate—to cover an area of any size you need without gaps or overlaps. Harry
308 Be Reasonable (Deductive Reasoning) Bianca Gets a Clue - The sacred cup of Cameroon is missing from the Museum for African Art! Bianca uses her sleuthing skills to help her friend Kelly track down the precious object, but jumps to the wrong conclusion. You can use reasoning to sort through confusing facts and help solve a puzzling problem. Bianca
309 The Snelfu Snafu - Part 1 (Saving Money) Harry Saves the Day - Harry gets a job as a lifeguard to save $100 a week for ten weeks to pay for a $1,000 trip to Mexico. When it rains every day of week ten, he doesn’t get paid, and he frets that he can’t pay for the trip...until he remembers the huge jar of change he has collected over the past two years. If you save small amounts of money carefully, the total will grow and grow. When you save the same amount of money at a steady rate, you can predict how your savings will grow so you can tell when you will have enough to buy what you want. Harry
310 The Snelfu Snafu - Part 2 (Spending Money) Bianca's Good Deed - Working as a cashier, Bianca realizes she’s given a customer too little change. Taking a number of cab rides, she goes on a chase to track down the customer, only to run out of money she needs for the cab fare back to work. When you spend money, always count your change. Bianca
311 Shari Spotter and the Cosmic Crumpets (Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions) Bianca Takes the Cake - Bianca is helping her friend Nicole make cupcakes for her school’s Halloween bake sale. When they decide to double the recipe, Bianca helps Nicole understand how to deal with a fraction that has a numerator larger than the denominator. Chocolate bars divided into thirds help to make sweet treats. A fraction can represent parts that are more than a whole. When the numerator is larger than the denominator, you can still work with it if you remember that it represents separate parts of a whole. Bianca
312 Starlight Night (Finding a Simpler Case) Harry's Home Away from Home - When the landlord needs to repair a leak in Harry’s apartment, he gets to spend his first night in a luxury hotel, and takes advantage of every amenity. Upon checking out, he learns that the landlord agreed only to cover the cost of the room. After learning the hotel phone system is out of order, Harry works off his bill using an efficient way to make wake-up calls in person. When a problem seems too hard, tackle part of it first. Organizing data in lists can make it easier to solve. Harry

Season 4

Episode Title (Math Topic) For Real Title and Description Math Message Main Character
401 Balancing Act (Budgeting Money) Harry's Big Date - Harry has planned the perfect $100 date with his new crush, Jenna. But he didn’t anticipate that his overbearing cousin Harley would show up and impose himself on the date. Harley nearly ruins the evening by ordering the most expensive item on the menu. By ordering the least expensive item for himself, Harry stays on budget and wins Jenna’s heart. Use a budget to control your spending so you can get the things you want. Harry
402 The Icky Factor (Factoring) Harry's School Daze - Harry is terrified about his first job as a substitute teacher, but is pleasantly surprised to find a classroom full of nice kids who appreciate his ability to juggle. When he asks the class to rearrange the desks for a quiz, the students try various configurations to have equal number of desks in each row. By the time they’ve determined that four rows of six desks works best for the size of the room, they’ve learned the factors of 24, and are well-prepared for the quiz. You can use rectangular patterns to find or test the factors of a number. Harry
403 Penguin Tears (Bouncing Angles) Harry Bounces Back - Harry dreads spending the afternoon with his obnoxious cousin Harley, whose aggression on the racquetball court leaves Harry cowering in the corner. The tables turn when they move to a billiards hall for a game of 8-ball. Remembering something he noticed in the racquetball court – that the angle into a bounce equals the angle out – Harry figures out how to bounce the cue ball off the rail to sink the 8-ball and win the game. Balls that bounce all follow a simple rule – “angle in equals angle out”-- that you can master to make balls go just where you want, bounce after bounce. Harry
404 Past Perfect Prediction (Predicting from Data) Harry Gets Nosey - Harry’s been sneezing for a week, and thinks he has the flu. But since Harry has no fever or headache, Dr. Larry suspects otherwise. For the rest of the day he asks Harry to keep a record of how often he sneezes in a minute each time he arrives at a new locations. When they analyze Harry’s data, they see that Harry sneezed most when he visited a friend with a cat. Since this suggests Harry may be have a cat allergy, Dr. Larry predicts that if Harry visits a nearby vet’s office, he’ll do a lot of sneezing. Spot a pattern in data and you can predict the future. Harry
405 Measure For Measure (Units of Measure) Bianca Doesn't Measure Up - Bianca thinks she’s a shoo-in to become the host of a new cooking show. But when Kelly helps her make an audition tape, Bianca’s cooking talents fall flat. As she pulls a deflated cake out of the oven, Bianca throws a hissy fit, asserting Kelly’s oven must be broken. However, when Kelly plays back the tape, Bianca sees that she made numerous measuring mistakes when playing to the camera. Horrified to see her diva-like tantrum also caught on tape, Bianca apologizes, and offers to take Kelly out for lunch. When you need to measure a certain volume, choose the tool that comes closest to measuring that amount, and make sure measurements are level. Bianca
406 A Change of Art (Interpreting Change in Line Graphs) Harry the Hoser - Harry has decided to pursue his dream of becoming a firefighter. In order to pass the qualifying exam, he puts himself on a rigorous training regime, including practice sessions on the stepmill machine. Using line graphs to chart his progress, he is able to reach the target rate that will enable him to pass the stepmill test. But he didn’t realize he’d have to take the test weighted down by full firefighting gear! Although Harry fails the exam, he shows a real knack for interpreting line graphs. Use a line graph to picture change and your eyes can quickly tell you when and how things are changing. Harry
407 The Case of the Missing Memory (Missing Information) Bianca's Open and Shut Case - Bianca fantasizes about being a detective, hard at work on the case of a missing parakeet. The information she gathers includes the fact that the lock on the bird’s cage is broken, but all the windows and doors of the room have been locked. Once Bianca uncovers the key piece of missing information – the bird can’t fly –she figures out where to find the parakeet. When faced with a problem, make sure you have all the information you need to solve it. Bianca
408 A Crinkle In Time (Gears) Bianca Gets in Gear - Kelly has always been the best at everything – and Bianca can’t stand it! When Kelly invites Bianca to go biking in the park, Bianca decides it’s her turn to shine. She goes to a bicycle store where she learns how different gears work, and buys herself a top-of-the-line racing bike. In the park, Kelly expects a leisurely ride, but instead is taunted by the speed-hungry Bianca, who rides circles around Kelly before leaving her in the dust. Later, Bianca realizes she hasn’t been a very good friend and returns to apologize to Kelly – only to find that Kelly has bested her again, by finding a cute guy to keep her company. To figure out just how fast the smaller gear turns, count the number of teeth it has and compare this with the number of teeth on the bigger gear. If it has half the number of teeth, it turns twice as fast; one-third the number of teeth, three times as fast! Bianca
409 A Broom Of One’s Own (Time/Distance/Speed) Bianca's Need for Speed - Bianca’s won a contest to attend a glamorous movie premiere, but it’s the same day as her little cousin’s birthday party. She has a plan to make it to both: she’ll go to the birthday party first, change into evening clothes there, and drive to the city in plenty of time for the premiere. Unfortunately, she hits some major snags along the way, including an empty gas tank and a flat tire. With time running short, Bianca consults her road map and discovers an alternate route via the highway. Although it’s a longer path, the road is faster and will get her to the city in a shorter amount of time – just in time to make an appearance on the red carpet. Time, distance and speed are relative. It could take less time to travel a longer distance at a faster speed than a shorter distance at a slower speed. Bianca
410 A Tikiville Turkey Day (Patterns in Nature) Bianca Learns to Nurture Nature - Bianca is guilty of herbicide - she kills every plant she owns! She can’t figure out why, and decides to seek professional advice at the New York Botanical Garden. A helpful plant expert shows her some patterns in plants, including bilateral and rotational symmetry, before discovering the pattern that has been killing Bianca’s plants. By watering them every day, Bianca has been over-watering the plants, causing the roots to rot and the plants to die. If she changes her pattern and waters her plants less frequently, Bianca might just be able to have a green thumb. When you look closely at things in the natural world, you can observe patterns, like symmetry. Bianca

Season 5

Episode Title (Math Topic) For Real Title and Description Math Message Main Character
501 The Halloween Howl (Division) Bianca Hallo-whines - October 31 is Bianca’s favorite day of the year. Not only is it Halloween, it’s also her birthday! This year, no more trick-or-treating for Bianca; instead, she plans to enjoy a grown-up evening of dinner and dancing with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, her plans are disrupted when she’s stuck looking after her young friends Erica and Leah due to their mother Peggy's flight getting delayed, and taking them trick-or-treating. Bianca is grumpy all night long, until Erica and Leah come up with an idea to cheer her up: they divide their Halloween treats into three equal groups so that they can give Bianca a birthday present of candy. When you need to divide some items equally among a number of people, you can hand out several items at a time to each person until you find the number that each person gets. Bianca
502 A Clean Sweep (Inventions: Persistence) Harry Gets Blindsided - Attempting to solve the age-old problem of Venetian blinds that never work, Harry invents his very own remote-controlled blinds. Unfortunately, his brilliant creation encounters a problem when the blinds take on a life of their own, opening and closing at all the wrong moments. Harry discovers the cause of the malfunction – his neighbor’s remote control is controlling his blinds! – and is able to solve the problem with a simple adjustment to his own remote control. When you are solving a problem by inventing something new, everything you try along the way – successful or not – gets you closer to your solution. Harry
503 Designing Mr. Perfect (Inventions: Design for Function) Harry on the Rise - When Harry decides his ceiling needs a new coat of paint, the fates conspire against his painting plans. First, he spills all his paint on the way back from the store. Then, his ladder breaks! Not to be deterred, the ever resourceful Harry uses pieces of the broken ladder to build stilts that enable him to complete the paint job. Sketching a design of the stilts before building them helps Harry to anticipate that he’ll need to attach the stilts to his legs with straps, so that his hands will be free to paint. Make a design - a plan for your invention – before you start building so you can make sure that it will function the way that you want it to. Harry
504 Ecohaven Ooze (Inventions: Testing with Models) Harry Talks Trash - After having a great time at his birthday party, Harry is confronted by an apartment overrun with piles and piles of trash! Overwhelmed by the thought of having to make, like, a million trips to take out the trash, Harry suddenly has a brilliant idea: he will build a slide to take the garbage from his window directly into the trash can outside. By first building a model of the invention, Harry discovers that a slide won’t work very well, but a chute will be the most effective way of transporting the garbage out of his apartment and into the dumpster. Build a working model of your invention to test your ideas, and make necessary improvements so the invention works the way you want it to. Harry
505 The Fairy Borg Father (Inventions: Refine and Optimize) Bianca's Dogged Pursuit - Bianca wants to take a day trip to Philadelphia, but she can’t leave her dog Mojo alone all day without anyone to feed her dinner at 5pm. Although she asks everyone she knows – including her ex-boyfriend and her crabby neighbor – Bianca can’t find anyone to feed Mojo. Then, necessity becomes the mother of invention, as Bianca develops a clever device that uses a rotating alarm clock and a sliding lid to keep Mojo’s dinner covered until 5pm. After trying out her initial idea using a cardboard cover, she further refines the invention by adjusting the thickness and weight of the cover until it functions perfectly. When you have an invention that needs an improvement, identify the key feature that needs changing and vary it until the invention is as good as it can be. Bianca
506 The Flying Parallinis (Parallelograms) Bianca Extends Her Reach - When Bianca goes to the skate park to watch her friend Kim practice skateboarding, she runs into Tony – a cute boy on whom she has a huge crush. Bianca wants Tony to notice her, but Tony seems to be focused on Kim’s impressive skateboarding skills. Not to be outdone, a jealous Bianca attempts her own skateboarding tricks – and ends up with a broken ankle! While recuperating, Bianca has trouble reaching things, but a gift from Kim helps make life easier – a device made of hinged pieces of wood. Because the pieces of wood form parallelograms that lengthen when flattened, the grabber allows Bianca to pick up things that would have been beyond her reach. You can stretch or collapse the shape of a parallelogram without changing the length of its sides. Bianca
507 Crystal Clear (Crystals) Bianca Gets Crystal Clear - Bianca wants to spend the afternoon watching TV, but her precocious little cousin Antonio lures her off the couch to help him make rock candy. While waiting for the sugar crystals to form, Antonio shows Bianca a variety of cool crystals from his rock collection and then at the amazing Hall of Gems and Minerals at the American Museum of Natural History. He points out to Bianca that different crystals have different geometric shapes. When Bianca asks how he knows so much, Antonio shares his secret—he reads! When materials form crystals, you can use their regular and unique geometric shapes to tell them apart and even identify them. Bianca
508 Inside Hacker (Robotic Reasoning) Bianca's Rage Against the Machine - When Bianca volunteers to help out at the hospital, she meets another hospital helper – Patsy the robot. The head nurse explains how Patsy is programmed to deliver medicine to the nurses’ stations. Intrigued, sneaky Bianca programs Patsy to do one of Bianca's jobs—deliver a plant to a patient's room. But Bianca forgets one crucial step in her program, causing Patsy to take a wrong turn down the wrong hallway, and getting Bianca in trouble. To get a robot to do a job, break the job into a sequence of simple steps - a program - the robot can obey. Bianca
509 On the Line (Properties of a Line) Harry Walks the Line - Harry is thrilled when his cousin Harley offers him two tickets to a Yankees game. He just needs to get the tickets from Harley in time for the game. They agree to meet up at a drug store on Amsterdam Avenue, but unwittingly end up at two different drugstores on the same street. After a series of failed attempts to find each other, they finally succeed by choosing a corner where two streets intersect. Because two straight lines only intersect at one point, you can use this to find a particular location. Harry
510 A Fraction of a Chance (Fractions) Harry's Sweet Job - Harry has a sweet job in an amazing place – a chocolate shop! When his co-worker Margaret is out sick, Harry’s cousin Harley fills in for the day. Harry demonstrates to Harley how he uses fractions to fill customers’ orders, but Harley only has eyes for the chocolate. Later, when 4/8 of a customer’s chocolates disappear right into Harley’s mouth, Harry spells out his response in chocolate letters: “You’re fired!” The bottom number of a fraction tells how many equal parts the whole has been divided into, and the top number tells you how many of these parts make up that share. Harry

Season 6

Episode Title (Math Topic) For Real Title and Description Math Message Main Character
601 Digit’s B-Day Surprise (Reading a Thermometer) Harry Chills Out - Wilting in the heat as he tries to play tennis, Harry loses repeatedly to his obnoxious cousin Harley. After Harry realizes that Harley is keeping himself cool using water from a spray bottle with a fan attached, Harry decides to up his game. With a large sprinkler hose and three window fans, he harnesses the power of evaporative cooling on his side of the court, and defeats Harley without breaking a sweat. When the temperature outside is hot, the evaporation of water can cool you off. Harry
602 When Penguins Fly (Population Sampling) Harry's New Year's Eve Countdown - Harry wants to start the New Year off a winner, and decides to enter a contest to estimate the number of people gathered in Times Square. However, his attempts to get down to Times Square before midnight are foiled by a series of comic mishaps. With just ten minutes left, he comes up with the idea to find a photo of the Times Square revelers on the internet. Using simple population sampling techniques, Harry is able to estimate the size of the crowd and win the big prize. When something is too large to count, you can use a sample to make a close estimate of how much is there. Harry
603 Unhappily Ever After (Builders' Math: Measurement and Geometry) Bianca Busts a Move - Bianca’s going to be in a talent show, and she’s getting a little help from her friends. Her friend Rodney is teaching her an awesome dance routine, and her other friend Robert is letting them rehearse in his apartment. But when Bianca struggles with Rodney’s dance moves, she accidentally falls onto Robert’s table, shattering it to pieces. In order to reconstruct the table’s square top, Bianca and Rodney measure the table’s dimensions. After creating a template that doesn't fit properly, they learn that they need to use square corners to create the correct shape. When you need to copy and cut a simple shape to fit something you are building, you can use that shape’s dimensions and other properties to copy and cut a new shape that matches your shape exactly. Bianca
604 Escape from Merlin’s Maze (Builders' Math: Algebraic Thinking) Bianca's Ups and Downs - While playing on a seesaw with her niece, Bianca learns that the seesaw is a machine consisting of a lever and fulcrum, which allows a light person to lift a heavier person up in the air. Later, when Bianca gets a job cleaning up the park, she encounters a heavy stone that she can’t move. Remembering the seesaw, she gets the idea to use a broom as a lever, and is able to lift the heavy stone with ease. In another flash of inspiration, she starts a contest, challenging kids in the park with a sign that reads “If you can’t lift this rock, you win a prize!” When you need to lift something heavy, put one end of a lever under it with the fulcrum close to it and push down on the other end to lift it up. Bianca
605 Step by Step (Builders' Math: Multi-Step Problem Solving) Penned In - Harley convinces Harry to help him put up a fence for their grandmother, but runs off as soon as Harry arrives – leaving Harry to do most of the work. With no instructions other than to put up the fence and make it a rectangle, Harry must figure out how to do so with different lengths of fence. He breaks the problem down, adds up different combinations of fence lengths, and draws a diagram to figure out which pieces go where. He succeeds in putting up a rectangular fence on his own, but then discovers Harley neglected to mention that his grandmother wanted a gate in the fence, too! When you cannot solve a problem in a single step, tackle its parts one step at a time. Finding the answer to each step gives you new information you can build on to solve the problem. Harry
606 Team Spirit (Main in Sports: Number and Operation) Harry Makes a Big Splash - As Harry, Harley and Joe prepare to swim as a team in a relay race, Harley proclaims he’ll be swimming breaststroke. Harry points out that to figure out the best lineup, they need to compare the times each person gets when swimming each stroke. After losing to Joe in breaststroke, Harley, who wants to swim freestyle in the race, swims the backstroke poorly on purpose. Good sport Harry gives Harley a second chance. When playing fair, Harley gets his way after all. If one player is better than others in more than one event, to find the strongest lineup compare individual scores in different events. Harry
607 Jimaya Jam (Math in Sports: Representation) Bianca's Hoop Dream - When her niece Alicia gets Bianca to fill in as coach on a basketball team, it quickly becomes apparent that Bianca doesn’t know anything about coaching. After leading the girls through wheelbarrow and conga line drills, Bianca’s verbal attempts to get the girls to execute a play have chaotic results. With some guidance from Alicia, Bianca learns how using a diagram can help illustrate the play clearly and effectively. Using the play they diagram in practice, the girls are able to win the tournament game. Use diagrams as tools to communicate how the players and ball move in a sports play, and you can improve your game and plan winning team strategies. Bianca
608 A Perfect Score (Math in Sports: Scoring Performance) Bianca Cheers Up - Bianca’s friend Natalie is nervous about trying out for the cheerleading squad, but Bianca’s efforts to be supportive just make Natalie even more nervous than she already is! During the tryouts, the judges rate Natalie’s performance by giving her scores in three different categories. Unfortunately, Bianca’s well-meaning, but inappropriate, shouts of support irritate the judges. Natalie becomes unhinged and ends up with a low cumulative score. Bianca apologizes after realizing that her attempts to help Natalie backfired. In frustration, Natalie tosses a basketball and makes a perfect shot. Bianca suggests that Natalie should play on the basketball team, and promises not to accompany Natalie to tryouts. When competitors in a sports event are judged by the quality of their performance, using numbers gives you a fair way to choose the winner. Bianca
609 Chaos as Usual (Math in Sports: Data Collection) Harry Cries Foul - Harry’s scored a job working as a vendor at Shea Stadium – where he can see his favorite team, the NY Mets, play baseball. He has his heart set on catching a foul ball, but to his dismay, he never seems to be in the right part of the stadium at the right time. Mets Pitcher John Maine tells Harry that data collected over the years indicates that right-handed hitters tend to bat fouls down the first base line, while lefties usually hit down the third-base line. By following the lineup for the next game, Harry is able to be at the right place at the right time, and manages to catch a foul ball in a soda cup. Patterns in players’ performances can help you predict what they will do in a game. Harry
610 Spheres of Fears (Circle Diameter & Circumference) Simple as Pie - Bianca and her best friend Kelly decide to go into business together: Kelly will bake her famous three-berry pies, and Bianca will sell them. When Kelly asks Bianca to buy 9” pie pans, Bianca brings back pans that are too small. Kelly explains that pie pans are measured across the diameter. Kelly wanted pans that were 9” in diameter, but Bianca’s pans are 9” in circumference. Since the circumference of a circle is about 3 times the diameter, that means they are only 3” in diameter. Luckily, Kelly is able to use the smaller pans to make miniature pies that are a big hit – with Bianca! At the market, Bianca ends up eating half the pies herself, ending up with a stomach ache and only $10 at the end of the day. The circumference of every circle, no matter how big or small, is always a little more than three times its diameter. Bianca

Season 7

Episode Title (Math Topic) For Real Title and Description Math Message Main Character
701 Gone With The Fog (Math in Weather: Fog) Harry's in a Fog - Harry wants to impress his friend Anita by showing her the greatest view in New York City. But when they get to the Top of the Rock Observation Deck, the skyline is covered in fog. Harry's friend, the meteorologist Janice Huff, explains that fog appears when the temperature falls below the dew point, causing water vapor in the air to condense. Luckily, the temperature is about to rise above the dew point, and when Harry and Anita return to the observation deck an hour later, they get a breathtaking, fog-free view of the New York City skyline. Keep track of the temperature, and you can use the dew point – when water vapor condenses out of the air – to predict when fog will disappear. Harry
702 The Emperor Has Snow Clothes (Math in Weather: Tracking Storms) Harry Reigns - Harry decides to get back to nature and go camping. Unfortunately, as soon as he's gotten settled, a scary thunderstorm rains down on his campsite. Fleeing to his car, Harry calls his friend Janice Huff, the meteorologist, who tracks the path of the storm and assures him that the storm will be passing through in just a few minutes. Harry is relieved to hear the rain and thunder subside and emerges from his car, only to step right into a big mud puddle. So much for a relaxing nature retreat! If you know the speed and direction of a storm, you can predict its storm track, and estimate when the storm will reach you. Harry
703 The X-Factor (Math in Weather: Multiplication Power) Bianca Saves the Planet - Bianca meets up with Kelly for an Earth Day rally, but Kelly soon discovers that Bianca’s behavior is anything but Earth-friendly. When Bianca carelessly drops a plastic wrapper on the ground, Kelly scolds her for littering, and explains that if everyone in the world dropped their trash on the ground, we would be up to our knees in garbage. After Bianca imagines a nightmarish scenario in which she is literally knee-deep in trash, she decides to change her ways and become part of the solution. When many people contribute to a small problem, what they do doesn't just add up, it multiplies into a big problem. To solve it, look for a small solution that can be multiplied the same way. Bianca
704 Blowin’ in the Wind (Math in Weather: Measuring Wind Speed) Bianca Goes Where the Wind Blows - For her niece Alicia’s birthday, Bianca gives Alicia a kite and is determined to find the best place to fly it. To aid their search, Bianca creates a wind gauge that measures by number how hard the wind blows: the higher the number, the stronger the wind. After taking wind gauge readings in different spots in the park, they are able to find a spot where the kite soars beautifully. To easily compare wind speeds in different places, use a tool that uses numbers to measure the speed of the wind. Bianca
705 Father’s Day (Patterns in Codes) Harley Gets The Hint - After Harley is kicked out of his apartment, Harry lets him stay at his place. But as the days turn to weeks and then months, Harley’s annoying habits start to get on Harry’s nerves. When he can take no more, Harry makes use of Harley’s nosiness to send him a coded message. Using a codebreaker to turn Harry’s string of numbers into letters, Harley gets the message loud and clear: it’s time for him to go! You can exchange secret messages with a friend when you use a code – a hidden rule – to change the letters of the message into different letters or numbers. Harry
706 The Deedle Beast (Observing and Tracking Animal Behavior) Harry's Dogged Pursuit - When Harry gets stuck taking care of Harley's friend's dog, the otherwise calm canine starts barking every morning for no apparent reason. To figure out why, Harry starts keeping track of the dog's barking patterns on a chart. After noticing that the barking happens repeatedly after his neighbor takes a shower, Harry realizes that the noise of water draining through pipes in his wall prompts the dog to bark. To understand why an animal does something again and again, keep track of both its behavior and any events that might cause it, then look for a pattern that connects one with the other. Harry
707 Spellbound (Grids) Bianca Pigs Out - Bianca wants to make a stuffed animal for her cousin's baby shower, but she thinks the cute pig pattern she finds online is too small. After an attempt to draw a larger version freehand yields comic results, Bianca's niece Alicia shows her how to enlarge the pattern using a grid. When the completed stuffed pig is so adorable that Bianca wants to keep it, Alicia reminds her not to be a baby. Use a grid to divide a picture into pixels – same size squares of different colors – and you can use the orderly properties of the grid to reproduce the picture anywhere at any size, no matter how large or small. Bianca

Season 8

Episode Title (Math Topic) For Real Title and Description Math Message Main Character
801 The Hacker's Challenge (Solution by Trying Numbers) Harry Gets Locked Up - When Harley loses the key to Harry’s bike lock, Harry decides to replace it with a combination lock. But Harley easily guesses the combination – 1-2-3-4 – and takes Harry’s bike without asking. Furious, Harry outsmarts Harley by coming up with a harder combination, which he writes down as a series of number puzzles. Harley is stumped, but with Harry’s help is eventually able to figure out the code by trying different numbers until he finds the solution. When you are stuck on a numbers problem and don't know where to start, experiment with different numbers and use the results to adjust your next choices until you find the numbers that work. Harry
802 Face-Off (Analyzing Ads) Bianca Sells Out - Bianca wants to earn money to buy new clothes and decides to sell her stuff in a yard sale. However, she has one particularly ugly necklace that she doesn’t think anyone will buy. To help sell it, she creates an ad that stretches the truth, claiming that the necklace will make you feel like a princess and asking an unreasonable price of $50. Her disapproving niece convinces Bianca that it’s best to stick with the facts and to charge a more sensible price of $5. After Bianca revises the ad, an excited customer grabs the necklace; she used to have one just like it, and claims she would have paid $50 for it! When an ad tries to make you buy a product, use reasoning to analyze its claims so you can make an informed choice about what to do. Bianca
803 Peace, Love, and Hackerness (Measuring with Mixed Number Fractions) Help Wanted for Bianca - Kelly helps Bianca get a job working with her at a ribbon store, but Bianca is so focused on taking advantage of her employee discount that she doesn’t pay attention to Kelly’s instructions. When it comes time to ring up a sale, Bianca struggles with adding measurements written as mixed number fractions. When she asks Kelly for help, she learns how to use a yardstick to help her add the fractions. When you need to find a total length from several measurements, and your measurements are mixed numbers, first add the whole numbers, then add the fractions to get the total length. Also, different types of fractions have different rules for combining them. The ruler you used to get your measurements can help you combine them. Bianca
804 Hackerized! (Analyzing Data) Harry's Feet Compete - Harry wants to run a mile in ten minutes, and consults with a trainer to come up with a plan to achieve his goal. Following the trainer’s advice, he starts slowly and gradually increases his speed over several practice sessions, and uses a graph to track his progress. When Harley scoffs at the idea of starting off slowly, Harry bets his cousin to a bet that he will be the first to run a mile in ten minutes. By sticking to his plan, Harry is able to achieve his goal while Harley ends up a sore loser – literally. When you have a goal you want to achieve, measure your performance with numbers and keep track of it over time to help you reach it. Harry
805 The Bluebird of Zappiness (Proportional Reasoning) Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt - Harry and Harley are outside taking photos when they discover a wad of cash lying on the sidewalk. Looking back at the photos on their digital camera, they figure out that the money must have been dropped by a mysterious man who entered a nearby art gallery. All they can see in the photo is the man’s shadow, but Harry realizes that they can figure out the man’s height by comparing his shadow to the shadow of a fire hydrant the man was standing next to. Since the hydrant’s shadow was twice as tall as the hydrant itself, the man’s shadow must be twice as tall as the man’s height. Once they figure out the magic number, they go into the gallery and are able to return the money to its rightful owner. When you know the height of an object, you can use the length of its shadow to figure out the height of something else. Harry

Season 9

Episode Title (Math Topic) For Real Title and Description Environmental Message Main Character
901 An Urchin Matter (Keystone Species) Harry Restores Balance - Camp counselor Harry asks his counselor-in-training, Harley, about his plans for the day’s activities. When Harley says he wants to have a pie-eating contest and a hot dog-eating contest before the campers break for lunch, Harry tells him that the campers need a more balanced program of activities. Later, Harry is shocked to learn that Harley has only allowed the campers to play games that he can win. Harry takes over and leads everyone in “Chomp, Nibble, Grow, Grow, Grow,” a game that demonstrates how otters, urchins, and kelp exist together and depend on one another to maintain a healthy, balanced ecosystem. Both teams of campers win the game, and Harry shows Harley that balance is as important to their camp as it is to the otter’s ecosystem. Rich, diverse ecosystems include many plant and animal species that are prey and predator in turn in a balanced relationship that maintains their numbers and diversity. Harry
902 Going Solar (Solar Power) Harry's Got the Power - On the way to his job at camp, Harry is waiting on a phone call to see if he has won a prize, but his cell phone battery dies. Luckily he runs into Alicia, a counselor-in-training who has a solution for him – they can use the solar power stored in her backpack to charge Harry’s phone! Alicia is passionate about solar power, and she has come up with a game called “Power Up!” to teach the campers about the subject. While she and Harry help the kids with the game, he misses the call from contest hotline and is sad to learn he could have won a jet ski. Alicia cheers him up by pointing out that jet skis run on gasoline, using up precious resources. Harry agrees that Alicia’s game is a more environmentally-friendly way to have fun. You can collect energy from the sun, convert it to electricity, and store it for use at night or on cloudy days. A small solar panel can collect a small amount of power. When you need a larger amount of power you will need a greater area of solar panels. Harry
903 Trash Creep (Trash) Harley's Trash is Harry's Treasure -When camp counselor Harry asks counselor-in-training Harley to clean out a storage bin, a lazy Harley suggests that they just throw everything into the trash. Harry is horrified – many of the items in the bin can be reused, recycled, or composted and don’t belong in the landfill. Harry comes up with a relay race game called “Trash Dash” to show the campers the importance of sorting the items into recyclable, reusable, and compostable bins, leaving only a small amount for the landfill. Because Harley doesn’t follow the rules and puts everything into the landfill bin, his team loses. When Harley accuses Harry’s team of cheating by putting plastic grocery bags in the reuse bin, Harry shows Harley a fun way to reuse the bags – by juggling them! To cut trash to a small fraction, practice the three R’s: first reduce, then reuse, and finally recycle. Harry
904 The Cyberchase Movie, Part 1 (?) ? -? ? ?
905 The Cyberchase Movie, Part 2 (?) ? -? ? ?

Season 10

Episode Title (Math Topic) For Real Title and Description Environmental Message Main Character
1001 Fit To Be Heroes (Physical Health) It's a Dog's Life for Harry -? ? Harry
1002 A Recipe for Chaos (Healthy Eating) Harry Vegges Out -? A balanced meal should have all the food groups: grains, vegetables, fruits, protein, and dairy. Harry
1003 A Seedy Business (Urban Gardening) Harry and Bianca Grow Green - Harry and Bianca volunteer at a nonprofit farm and education center that rises organic livestock and grows healthy foods. They learn about proper gardening, and the benefits of eating seed-to-table. ? Harry and Bianca
1004 Parks and Recreation (Open Space/Green Space) Bianca's Wish on a Fish - Bianca runs into a Harry at her childhood park during the opening of a skate park. Along with attendees at the event, they brainstorm ways the park can be improved even further, and tally up the total votes. The winning idea will get pitched to municipal leaders in the future. ? Harry and Bianca
1005 Bottled Up (Plastic Disposal) Harry's Fashion Nonsense - While visiting his friend, Grace, at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Harry learns about sustainability, like recycling fabrics in clothes to reducing plastic waste by using reusable water bottles. ? Harry

Season 11

Episode Title (Math Topic) For Real Title and Description Environmental Message Main Character
1101 Watts of Halloween Trouble (Energy conservation) Watts of Halloween Trouble: For Real - In the midst of hanging decorations for her Halloween party, Bianca’s excitement turns into anxiety when the power goes out! Fortunately, the house has a small solar-powered generator that can provide energy to some, but not all, of her appliances. With the help of her nephew, Jaden, Bianca determines how many watts each appliance uses to prioritize which can remain plugged in for her party. ? Bia
1102 Creech's Creature Quandary (Habitat fragmentation) Creech's Creature Quandary: For Real - When Jaden takes Bianca birdwatching, she's skeptical: birdwatching sounds boring, and it's in a city near an oil refinery. But once at the sanctuary, Bianca is awed by the scenery and learns that many species of birds live there. They learn about the importance of improving and protecting wildlife habitats in cities–and that they can help birds by growing special plants in their backyard. ?
1103 A Murky Mystery in Mermaidos (Temperature) A Murky Mystery in Mermaidos: For Real - Harry is thrilled to bring home his first pet fish. When Courtney comes to visit, she suggests moving the tank away from the window. But Harry ignores her advice and returns from vacation to find the water has turned green! ?


1104 Plantasaurus! (Air Quality) Plantasaurus!: For Real - Bianca has been sneezing and coughing ever since she got her new couch. Jaden says chemicals in the furniture might be making her sick, and suggests she get plants to clean the air in her home. The plant store recommends one plant per 100 square feet, but due to a math error, Bianca ends up with a jungle in her apartment! After returning the extra plants, she can breathe more easily. ? ?
1105 A Reboot Eve to Remember (?) A Reboot Eve to Remember: For Real - Courtney takes Harry to The Science Barge, a floating farm on a river. They meet Jen, who shows Harry and Courtney how solar panels and wind turbines help the barge generate its own electricity. Harry and Courtney then make their own power by using a bike model; as they pedal, the spinning wheel generates clean electricity that lights up bulbs, just as spinning wind turbines help power the barge. ? ?
1106 Housewarming Party (?) Housewarming Party: For Real - It's spring, but it feels like summer, and Bianca's air conditioner is broken! Her nephew Jaden suggests she meet him at a really cool place–his old elementary school. ? ?
1107 Invasion of the Funky Flower (Invasive species) Invasion of the Funky Flower: For Real - Harry meets his niece Courtney at the 91st Street Community Garden, where he wants to plant mint. To Harry’' surprise, Courtney says he can't because mint is an invasive species that can take over space other plants need. Harry is horrified. But Courtney explains that there is a solution–Harry can grow mint indoors on a sunny windowsill, and have a supply for mint tea all year long. ? ?
1108 A Renewable Hope (Renewable energy) A Renewable Hope: For Real - When Harry returns from a month-long trip, he notices a bad smell in his apartment, and discovers the refrigerator is ajar. After cleaning out the fridge, he goes through the mail and is stunned to see a very high electric bill. Courtney helps Harry realize that his bill is so high because he left the refrigerator open and the lights on while he was away, wasting non-renewable resources. ? ?
1109 The Migration Situation (Citizen science) The Migration Situation: For Real - After Harry complains about noise in the city, he helps Courtney with a project. As a citizen scientist, she uses a phone app to collect noise level data in various locations. A map with red dots shows where places are noisy–like Broadway–and green dots where places are quiet–like the park. There he enjoys time reading away from the city's hustle and bustle. ? ?
1110 Back to Canalia's Future (Water consumption/Water conservation) Back to Canalia's Future: For Real - Bianca turns on the tap and runs water until it gets cold before pouring it into a glass. When Jaden points out she is wasting water, she shrugs off his suggestion to store water in the fridge. That night she has a nightmare in which she turns the tap on and no water comes out. She wakes up in a cold sweat, vows not to waste water any more, and decides to take a quick shower instead of a bath. ? ?

Season 12

Episode Title (Math Topic) For Real Title and Description Environmental Message Main Character
1201 Space Waste Odyssey, Part 1 (Citizen science) ? -? ? ?
1202 Space Waste Odyssey, Part 2 (Citizen science) ? -? ? ?
1203 Giving Thanks Day (Food waste) Giving Thanks Day: For Real - Jaden and his cousin, Kimmie, are taking part in 10 + 10 + 10 Food Challenge, where they much spend no more than $10 on 10 ingredients to make a dish to serve 10 people. They head to their local grocery store, return home with some misfit produce, and supplement with things they would normally overlook at home. ? ?
1204 A Garden Grows in Botlyn (Gardening) A Garden Grows in Botlyn: For Real - Jaden heads to a local community garden with his cousin, Kimmie, to plant a new seedling, "Tommy Tomato." He shows her how to all the steps to follow when adding a new baby plant to the garden, and how it can get all the nutrients it needs to grow. ? ?
1205 Missing Bats in Sensible Flats (Pollinators) Missing Bats in Sensible Flats: For Real - Jaden and his little cousin Kimmy spend the afternoon in a city park, playing games and eating pie. An insect suddeny comes by, sending Kimmy into a panic. She's afraid it's a bee, which she hates. Jaden explains how she shouldn't be afraid, though. Bees are people's friends as they help pollinate flowers and help plants grow fruit. They meet a beekeeper who tells them more about pollination. ? ?
1206 Water Woes (Watersheds) Water Woes: For Real - Courtney and Alex want to swim in the lake, but the water has turned green. Courtney tells Alex that the fertilizer people in nearby areas has caused the green algae to grow faster. And the algae also puts other bodies of water at risk, because the lake is part of a larger watershed. Courtney takes Alex to some of these features and they discover why its important to protect water from pollution. ? ?
1207 Soil Turmoil (Soil quality) Soil Turmoil: For Real - Courtney loves to garden and grow plants, and offers help to her friend Alex who wants to grow some of her own. It seems that Alex is trying to grow a seed in some beach sand, but isn't having any luck. Courtney shows Alex why sand on it's own isn't the best for plants. The conduct an experiment in the backyard to discover that soil is much better at holding the water the seed needs to grow. ? ?
1208 Hacker Hugs a Tree (Deforestation) Hacker Hugs a Tree: For Real - Courtney visits a party supply store with her friend Alex, who is planning a birthday party for her sister. But as Alex starts to overload her basket with paper decorations, Courtney explains how all those products can lead to unnecessary waste and deforestation. Remembering the 3 R's--reduce, reuse, recycle--Alex realizes she can make her own decorations and reuse items that aren't as wasteful. ? ?
1209 Pursuit of the Prism of Power (Biomimicry) Pursuit of the Prism of Power: For Real - Courtney and Alex want to take a nature walk. Unfortunately, there are muddy puddles everywhere, and Alex has only sneakers to wear! But, Courtney has a nifty idea. They head back to the house and Courtney shows Alex how many things in nature, like the waxy coating of an apple, deflect water. They realized they can use candle wax and Alex's shoes to have the same effect! ? ?
1210 Composting in the Clutch (Composting) Composting in the Clutch: For Real - Jaden and Kimmie are putting together a delicious salad with vegetables they grew in the garden. After peeling the carrots, coring the peppers, and chopping the lettuce, Kimmie goes to throw away the scraps until Jaden stops her. Those discarded bits don't have to go to waste in the landfill. They can use them to make compost! Jaden shows his cousin how the process works. ? ?
1211 A Camping Conundrum (Solar energy) A Camping Conundrum: For Real - Jaden and Kimmie pack for a camping trip, and go over their checklist--flashlights, a tent, sleeping bags, and…pizza?? Jaden explains to his confused cousin that they can actually turn an empty pizza box into solar oven. They use black paper to absorb sunlight, plastic wrap to trap the heat energy, and foil to reflect in more light. With some patience, they create a cleanly cooked treat - s'mores! ? ?
1212 Journey of a Thousand Food Miles (Food miles) Journey of a Thousand Food Miles: For Real - Courtney and Alex go to a supermarket for a snack after a fun day at the Museum of Mathematics. The girls investigate where the fruit for sale comes from. The answer? All over the world! But while it's nice to have bananas in any season, the friends realize that food from afar causes lots of pollution. Instead, food that is grown nearby has to travel fewer miles and is better for the environment. ? ?