Magnetite is a Cyberspace substance that can cause various adverse effects. It is named after an iron ore. In practice, it seems to be based on the negative effects that magnets can have on computer hardware.

There are two known forms: blue and glowing red rocks. Against cyborgs, it has adverse effects, from none to fatal[citation needed]. The level of damage from magnetite ranges.

Red magnetite

Red magnetite affects borgs on an individual basis.

Blue magnetite

Blue magnetite can be processed into confetti or powder. It seems to affect borgs based on cybersite nationality.

Prevention and cure

Special wiring can grant borgs immunity to magnetite, with Digit being an example. People who aren't native to Cyberspace are also immune.

Certain hazmat-like suits also grant immunity to the effects of magnetite[1].

An orange cyberfield proportional to the effect of the magnetite can reverse its damage. The following recipe briefly generates an orange cyberfield when mixed:[1]

  • 4 cybercups magnetite
  • 6 cybercups kristinium
  • 7 cybercups francesium



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