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Magnetite is an item in Cyberspace. It can erase the memory. There are two known forms, blue and glowing red rocks (the blue form can be turned into confetti or crushed into powder). Red affects cyborgs individually-what one borg gets varies from the next borg, even if they are related. Blue affects cyborgs based on nationality. Against cyborgs, it has adverse effects, from none to fatal. The level of damage from magnetite ranges. The Cybersquad and Digit are immune to its effects. For the kids, it is because they are from Earth. For Digit, it is because he has a special wiring that makes him immune. Motherboard is very vulnerable to Magnetite due to her delicate wiring.


  • Premature aging-Red Magnetite on Coop.
  • Big feet-Red Magnetite on Slider.
  • Rashes-Blue Magnetite on Hacker. If Digit wasn't immune, being a Control Central citizen, he'd break out, too.
  • Memory loss-Blue Magnetite on Buzz and Delete (and presumably Motherboard).
  • Sleep-Blue Magnetite on Radsters. 

Prevention and Cures

There are certain suits, such as the one Hacker wore in "Measure for Measure", which allows immunity. Also seen in this episode, an orange cyberfield proportional to the effect of the magnetite can reverse the damage. Quite ironically, the remedy also requires magnetite.

The ingredients include:

  1. 4 Cups of Magnetite
  2. 6 Cups of Kristinium
  3. 7 Cups of Frencesium

But the batch made would only last a short while and the recipe must multiply if the damage is also multiplied.