First appears in Shangri-La in the episode "Problem Solving in Shangri-La." In it, he did a competition of strategy. In "Double Trouble", it creates the "Good Vibration," to keep the peace and harmony in Shangri-La.

Physical Appearance

Master Pi wears a blue cloak, is bald and his symbol is a π (pi), which is shown in his scepter. His power allows him to float as well as disappear and reappear quickly.


He is a wise, experienced, well-educated pacifist.


Motherboard: as he said in "Problem Solving in Shangri-La," he is one of Motherboard's supporters.

The Kids and Digit: He was the judge in the Dragon's Game and talked to kids about their victory. In "Double-Trouble," he thanks the Cybersquad and Digit for saving the Good Vibration.



Cyberchase: The Quest

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