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Gender Male
Age 11[1]
Species Human
Residence Earth
Occupation Work on the farm at home
Member of Cybersquad
Protector of Motherboard and Cyberspace
Allies CyberSquad, Motherboard, Digit
Enemies Hacker, Buzz, Delete
Favorite color Green
Relatives Unnamed parents
Voice actor Jacqueline Pillon

Matt (full first name Matthew, also nicknamed "Matty") is one of the 4 main characters. He is an 11-year-old boy and he likes to think by playing with his yo-yo. He wears a red backpack which contains most of the CyberSquad's equipment, though Digit carries many tools as well. He is sometimes absent-minded and does rash actions even when he doesn't know what he is doing. This puts the Cybersquad in many dangers. However, Matt is always willing to try things he's never done before, which both harms and helps the group. Matt is the only human male member of the Cybersquad seen in the show.

His favorite color is green. He has 2 pet lizards[2] named Boomerang (a bearded dragon) and Spike (an armadillo lizard) and 2 African Water Frogs (Sharky and Fins) and a mixed breed (golden retriever and yellow lab) dog named Obi Won Kadoggie.


Interests and talents

Matt close up description

According to Cyberchase online, Matt has a strong interest in sports, such as riding his skateboard, playing baseball, and rock climbing. He loves Greek mythology and knows a lot about it. His favorite foods are pizza and pancakes. His favorite book is Redwall by Brian Jacques, he loves any music played by Will Smith, and his favorite movie is Star Wars.[3] It is possible he has a crush on Inez since he calls her Nezzie to annoy her because she is teasing to say Matthew.

Website Description

"11 years old: He's a cyber-detective with a yo-yo, a backpack full of gadgets and a knack for uncovering clues."

2018 Description (Under 'Good Guys')

Matt, age 11, lives on a farm when he's not in cyberspace. He loves to run and skateboard, is curious and jumps into things before thinking, often making mistakes. When he does think ahead, he plays with his yoyo. He loves to tease his friends. Signature Line: "Touchdown!"


Matt has fair skin and bright orange hair. He wears a bright long sleeve green turtleneck, neon blue jeans, and red hi-tops with white soles and a red backpack.


Matt lives on a farm with his mother and father, and has a pet pig named Sherman (nickname: Shermie). As a farm boy, he also has other pets. 


Matt and Jackie (True Colors)


He is just as nice to her as he is with Inez. He sometimes makes fun of her dramatic acting, bringing up arguments often. It is possible Matt likes Jackie because of how much he teases her and annoys her.

Matt and Inez (Raising the Bar)


When he calls her "Nezzie," she gets annoyed. It is possible that he has a crush on her, but he also seems overprotective of her, and may view her as more of a sister than anything else.

Matt and Slider (The Snelfu Snafu, Part 1)


He is always jealous of Slider because Jackie and Inez always pay more attention to him. Matt and Slider make their peace in Team Spirit, as neither of them argue again.

Matt and Digit (A Time To Cook)


Matt and Digit are really good friends since they journey together with Jackie and Inez. With Digit, Matt can be able to use tools when he needs to when he is in situations, just like Jackie & Inez would.

Shari Spotter

Matt and Shari are good friends, but are shown to have a crush on each other, making both Jackie and Inez jealous.


  • In Zeus on the Loose, he is an expert on Greek mythology.
  • In the Brazilian dub, Matt was known as 'Matheus'.
  • In Clock Like An Egyptian, he wore a watch.
  • He plays with a yo-yo to think of a plan that can help solve a problem.
  • He, along with Jackie, made a cameo appearance on the TV screen that Raph is watching TV in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) episode Ninja Training Manual.




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