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Matt (full first name Matthew, sometimes nicknamed "Matty”) is one of the four main protagonists (alongside Jackie, Inez and Digit) of Cyberchase.

He is one of the four main members of the CyberSquad. He is an 11-year-old boy who is interested in sports and Greek mythology. He lives on a family farm on Earth. He wears a backpack full of helpful objects into Cyberspace.


Matt aspires to be a home run leader and has a deep interest in Greek mythology[2], which proves especially helpful on the cybersite Mount Olympus[3]. Other sports-related interests include riding his skateboard, playing baseball, and rock climbing, according to Cyberchase Online[citation needed].

Matt's pet peeve is waiting, and is thus prone to making impulsive decisions. Playing with his yo-yo helps him think through problems.

Matt's favorite foods are pizza and pancakes. His favorite book is Redwall by Brian Jacques. His favorite musician is Will Smith. His favorite movie is Star Wars.[4]

Physical appearance

Matt holding his backpack

Matt has fair skin and bright orange hair. He wears a bright long-sleeved lime turtleneck, a red backpack, light blue jeans, and red hi-tops with white soles.

In "Clock Like an Egyptian", Matt is shown wearing a watch.



Matt and Digit are close friends. With Digit, Matt can be able to use tools when he needs to when he is in situations, just like Jackie & Inez would[citation needed].


Matt and Inez are close friends, and Inez treats him protectively[5]. Matt often teases Inez by calling her "Nezzie", to her chagrin, and she sometimes reciprocates by calling him "Matthew". He treats her like a sister/very close friend


Matt and Jackie arguing in "True Colors"

Matt and Jackie are close friends. However, he often teases her by calling her a drama queen[6], and she seems to take his teasing more personally than Inez does. The Crab Prince has suggested that Matt only teases Jackie because he likes her.[7]


Matt is jealous of Slider because Inez and Jackie usually pay more attention to him. However, he seems to have forgiven Slider, as they haven't argued since "Team Spirit".

Shari Spotter

Matt and Shari Spotter seem to have crushes on each other, making Inez and Jackie jealous[8]. He is not as close to her as he is with the girls and is for the most part oblivious to the fact that she likes him.

Character bios

"Meet the CyberSquad" bio (2001)

11 years old: He's a Cyber-detective with a yo-yo, a backpack full of gadgets and a knack for uncovering clues

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: Pizza, pancakes

Favorite Book: “Redwall” by Brian Jacques

Favorite Music: Anything by Will Smith

Favorite Movie: “Star Wars” (of course!)

Pet Peeves: Waiting (for anything)

Pets: 2 lizards - a bearded dragon named Boomerang and an armadillo named Spike, 2 African water frogs named Sharky and Fins, Obi (short for Obi Won Kadoggie) a mix of Golden Retriever and yellow Lab

Trading card bio

Age: 11

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Line: "OK, what do we know?"

Other Faves: Magic, mythology, roller coasters

Pet Peeves: Waiting [for anything!]

Great At: Skateboarding, yo-yo tricks, milking cows, trying new things

"CyberSquad" bio (2012)

Matt, age 11, lives on a farm when he’s not in cyberspace. He loves to run and skateboard, is curious and jumps into things before thinking, often making mistakes. When he does think ahead, he plays with his yoyo. He loves to tease his friends. Signature line: “Touchdown!”



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Names in other languages

In the Brazilian dub, Matt is named Matheus.


Early concept sketches of Matt

  • In early concept material, Matt was originally named Kyle.
  • Just like the girls like Slider, He likes Shari.
  • Matt is Irish-American.


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