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The Cybermirror, version 17.05, or mirror for short, is a sentient mirror that Wicked had gifted to Hacker before the events of "A Fraction of a Chance". Its casing is a yellow oval hand mirror with a ringed top and handle, and two antennae with red tips at either side.

The mirror's consciousness appears on its surface as a copy of Hacker, and can communicate with him, speaking with a reversed reverberation effect. The image of Hacker is not a mirror image, as both show their pocket protectors on the right side of Hacker's shirt. The mirror's surface can fade between other images depicting Hacker and Wicked.

The mirror claims to know Hacker better than anyone in Cyberspace, and convinces him that he and Wicked are attracted to each other and should become a couple again.

The Cybermirror appears as a prop in several other episodes.


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