Motherboard Control Central

Motherboard Control Central, or Control Central or CC[1] for short, is a computer center[2] cybersite that serves as the housing for Motherboard, who is described as its brain[3][4]. By analogy, if Motherboard is the software, then Control Central is the hardware that she runs on. It contains the main screen that Motherboard is seen on. Though Control Central can be flown like a spaceship, it usually resides at the center of known Cyberspace[5].

Some of Motherboard's abilities, such as creating portals, can be operated through Control Central even if Motherboard is unconscious[6].

Control Central's defenses include shielding and firewall capabilities that prevent malware from infiltrating its circuits, although these must be inoperative during systems checks[4]; and power locks[7] and a defensive force field[8] to keep intruders out.


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