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Northern Frontier
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Northern Cyberspace
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Cold in the winter, hot and sunny in the summer[1]
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The Northern Frontier is a cybersite in the far north of Cyberspace, where Hacker was banished to and now lives. The sun is eclipsed from its surface.


Top-down view of the Northern Frontier from "Hacker Hugs a Tree"

Map of the Northern Frontier in "Living In Disharmony"

The Northern Frontier was originally characterized as a cold, barren wasteland, comprised of desert, dead trees, and one river connected to a waterfall[2].

The cybersite is home to some very windy locations. As a result, sports such as windsurfing and kite-boarding are practiced there.[2]

Later seasons established various thriving biomes within the Northern Frontier, including a forest covering a third of the site[3][1], prairieland, meadow, and marsh alongside the bare ground and frozen areas[4].



Cyber goat model sheet



Names in other languages

Mount Wayupthere

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Monte Muyarriba Mount Veryhigh (from muy + arriba)


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