The sign for the Northern Frontier

The Northern Frontier is a barren wasteland in the far north of Cyberspace, where Hacker was banished to and now lives. The sun is eclipsed on this cybersite.


The Northern Frontier is the home of some very windy locations. As a result, sports such as windsurfing and kite-boarding are practiced there.[1] It also has a river that is connected to a waterfall; this body of water does contain marine life.




  • Blustery Point[1]
  • Breezy Flats[1]
  • Hacker's hangar
  • Gusty Isle[1]
  • Mount Wayupthere[4]
  • Mount ZigZag[2]
  • Northern Frontier Forest[2]
  • The Dunes[1]
  • Zephyr Winds Mine[1]
  • Sneaky Peak
  • Bleak Pine
  • Eagle Rock


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