Nowhere is a barren cybersite with many mountains. This site has no government issued currency and relies on a trading system for the economy. This is also the home cybersite of Warren the Genie. The residents there value donuts, which is rare on their site, and would trade anything for them. There are still some areas where regular snelfus are used as the currency.


Hacker and the cybersquad once crashed on this site after an incident aboard the Grim Wreaker when it ran into a collision with the the cybersquad's vessel, causing both ships to come down in pieces. Trading by donuts had to be accomplished to repair the ship after Buzz and Delete stole some of the Squad's ship pieces.

In "Snelfu Snafu: Part 2", the Cybersquad and Slider went to Nowhere to buy an Alpha deck. At this time, Hacker temporarily took over Cyberspace and had Mount Hackmore carved at Nowhere.