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"Parks and Recreation"
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today Original air date
November 12, 2015
person Directed by
J. Meeka Stuart
person Written by
P. Kevin Strader
George Arthur Bloom
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Evidence-based arguments
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"Parks and Recreation" is the fourth episode of Season 10 of Cyberchase.

It is the debut of Oona. This character was designed and played by then-10-year-old Trisha, who assisted with animation production in association with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.[1]


The kids of Gollywood, and the CyberSquad, want to turn an empty lot into a park so that they can have a place to play. However, Hacker also wants the lot so that he can use it for his new Gollywood Tower (which he wants to use to corrupt Motherboard's hard-drive). Who will get the lot? The kids? Or Hacker?[2]


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Memorable quotes

Gollywood mayor: So, you all know each other?

Jackie: Unfortunately.

Hacker: We go way back, Your Honor. Such adorable little children.

Gollywood mayor: Mr. The Hacker, are there any health benefits to your tower?

Hacker: Let's see… M—my tower will broadcast more programs than kids have ever been able to watch. And, uh, that means kids can sit around more, rest their legs for later in life.

Dustin Cheezer: Dude. That's crazy. The Cheezer does not like.

Hacker: You're fired, Cheezer.

Dustin Cheezer: Thanks! Gotta go! Have a bad hair day, man. [dances out of the city hall building]

Councilwoman: I agree, the children were perfectly charming with all their "facts". But Mr. The Hacker made me feel happy, sad, cheated, confused! I'm voting for him because… I'm still confused.



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