Pearl is one of Digit's friends from Canalia. She debuts in the episode, "Back to Canalia's Future".


Pearl has pale yellow skin and purple hair with faded white tips styled into messy two pigtails. She wears faded brown inventor goggles on her forehead, a brown carpenters tool belt at her waist, a light blue turquoise shirt with a gray vest over it with a collar and two bottom pockets on each side. There is a large green gear, medium orange gear, and little gray gear arranged together on the left side of her vest. She also has a black watch on her right arm and wears a long black skirt with long dark red boots.




Pearl is an inventor who lives in Canalia with her father. Her basement serves as her private workshop.


Pearl is shown to be cautious in the beginning, especially when she decided to talk about Canalia's water level problem with the Cybersquad in her basement instead of outside near the canal in "Back to Canalia's Future". She is later shown to be assertive and determined, which is shown when she tries to convince the people of Canalia to conserve water. Even when her father didn't believe in conserving water or Canalia's problems, and her time machine was stolen, she still believed in her cause. She also has good foresight, especially when she knew what would happen to Canalia become if its citizens did not make changes in how they used its water.

Likes and Dislikes

Pearl time machine

Pearl reveals her time machine to the Cybersquad.

Pearl likes to build things. In "Back to Canalia's Future", she built a time machine.

She dislikes people who don't believe her and dismiss her words, especially her father when she states that there was a problem in Canalia.


Pearl's father 3

Pearl's father is impressed by her time machine.

Her Father

At first, Pearl is shown to be distant from her father, especially when he initially refused to believe her when Canalia's water levels were dropping. After being shown the truth, their relationship was rekindled.

Pearl 1

Pearl asks for Digit's help.


Pearl and Digit are close friends, and she trusted Digit enough to help her with her time machine Digit trusted Pearl when she stated that there was a problem in Canalia, despite the appearance that everything was fine.

Episode Appearances

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