Penguia is a place filled with penguins, hence its name. It has been featured in "Penguin Tears", "When Penguins Fly", "The Emperor has Snow Clothes", and "Face-Off".

This place bears similarities to cold places such as Alaska. It is under rule by an emperor. A common sport played by citizens of Penguia is penguin hockey.

Up until recently, there was a "Crying Spot" designed for penguins to cry over the loss of the Prism of Penguia. The Cybersquad, with indirect help from Hacker and co., manage to recover the Prism.

It was citizens of Penguia who helped start up the tradition of giving gifts in Starlight Night. A select group of penguins go to the Ice Palace where they are temporarily given the power to fly in order to give gifts to others across Cyberspace, called the Penguin March.

Well-known citizens of Penguia include Ice, PJ Penguin, Fluff.

Known towns/cities and places


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