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Solar panels in Perfectamundo

Perfectamundo with a pile of garbage inside, in "Trash Creep"

Perfectamundo is a sunny cybersite that first appears in "The X-Factor". It also appears in "Trash Creep" and "The Migration Situation". Meant to be sustainable, and designed by its current mayor to be perfect[1], the cybersite is home of the Crystal dome, known for its solar panels, and for having rainbow flowers. It seems to be relatively new, celebrating its first year as a cybersite with a Jubilee in "Trash Creep".

Perfectamundo is overseen by the mayor and Waldo, her assistant. Although they are framed as the highest authorities in the cybersite, they are often seen engaging in manual labor such as cleaning the dome by hand. As demonstrated in "The X-Factor", inhabitants have a right to trial, and business owners are contractually obligated not to generate pollutants.

As of "The X-Factor", Hacker has opened a soup factory in Perfectamundo that was not shut down by the end of the episode. It is possible that he has abandoned the factory due to his specific ulterior motives being foiled, but he may also still own and run it.


Perfectamundian children model sheet


A Rainbow Flower field

  • Site Court
  • Perfectamundo Town Hall
  • Digi-Fizz Factory
  • Hacker's Factory