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>> Plan! I need a plan to thwart Motherboard and take over Cyberspace! A plan that actually works! Bad plan! Terrible plan! Awful plan! Ugh! Stay calm. You're The Hacker. You'll think of something. [ Laughter ]

>> [ Laughing ]

>> Go, Plantasaurus, go!

>> Ooh, ooh!

>> What's going on here, you robotic ragamuffins?!

>> We're watching Plantasaurus, Boss!

>> You can watch and cuddle with us if you get scared!

>> Me? Watch that mindless movie when I have a cyberworld to conquer?!

>> Nothing stops Plantasaurus!

>> Yeah, Plantasaurus always wins!

>> That is my new idea! Ha ha!

>> To be fair, Boss, Plantasaurus is already someone else's idea.

>> Then it's my idea to steal their idea! [ Laughs ]

>> We are so happy you could all come!

>> And what's a slumber party without popcorn? Just popped in our brand-new kitchen!

>> Mmm, really good, Didge.

>> A slumber party at Motherboard's? How cool is this?

>> Yeah!

>> Hey, Mother B! What's with all the new stuff?

>> We redecorated.

>> Fresh paint! New furniture! New everything!

>> Digit will give you -- ah-ah -- the grand tour. Choo!

>> Motherboard, are you all right?

>> I think so. Not to worry.

>> Let the tour begin!

>> Yes! This will work! I can make my very own Plantasaurus!

>> Our very own Plantasaurus?

>> These plants just need to be controlled by something smart and nasty!

>> Hmm, what would that be, Boss?

>> Plantasaurus will be controlled by one of my brilliant, new Central Processing Units, each one programmed to create a unique personality.

>> Angry. Demanding. Menacing. Love-y dove-y?

>> And I'm nearly finished building the smart and nasty CPU!

>> What's Plantasaurus gonna do, Boss?

>> Plantasaurus will be the most feared creature ever to be invented! ♪ Motherboard won't have a chance ♪

>> But what's itreally going to do?

>> You'll see. All of Cyberspace will see! Now get me the plants! [ Laughing ]

>> Uh, should we wait till he's done?

>> This could take a while. Come on!

>> Ah-choo! Sorry, gang. Just a little sneezy lately.

>> You and Motherboard, huh?

>> Not to worry. I'm feeling fine. Everyone like the changes?

>> [ Breathes deeply ] I can smell the fresh paint.

>> This is one cool library, Mother B.

>> Check this out!

>> The history of the CyberSquad. All your adventures stored right here.

>> Whoa!

>> Cool!

>> Neat-o! Here's where we stopped Hacker at Penguia!

>> And again at Radopolis! [ Coughing ]

>> You okay, Matt?

>> My throat's a little itchy, that's all.

>> The Boss wants plants -- this is the right place!

>> What can I do you gentlebots for?

>> Huh? Oh, us? We need plants.

>> What kind of plants you looking for?

>> All kinds!

>> Oh-ho-ho! In that case, walk this way. ♪♪ Ta-da! Here you go.

>> We'll take 'em!

>> All of them! [ Both laugh evilly ]

>> Didge, this new kitchen is amazing!

>> I designed it myself! With Motherboard's help, of course. Check this out.

>> Wow!

>> Fresh veggies at my wingtips! Salad, please.

>> Wow!

>> Peppers, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and onions. All for The Didge's delicious Slumber Party Salad!

>> [ Sniffing ] Mmm, looks good!

>> Hey, Nezzie, your eyes are watering.

>> Oh, must be the onions. And don't call me Nezzie!

>> Control Central is full of surprises, Mother B. This might be the best slumber party ever!

>> Still one more surprise. Digit?

>> This way, gang!

>> Ah-choo! Oh, dear.

>> Mr. Buzzy.

>> Mr. Deedee.

>> Ta-da!

>> Whoa!

>> A brand-new dance studio!

>> Whoa! This is totally fabulous!

>> Wait till tonight! We're having a slumber party dance-off! ♪♪

>> Matt. [ Laughs ]

>> What?

>> Uh, I might have to pass on the dancing. I suddenly have a headache. [ Static ]

>> Jackie, did you say headache?

>> I'll be okay, Mother B. It's not so bad.

>> [ Coughs ]

>> Matt?

>> It's nothing, Motherboard. Really. [ Coughs ]

>> If everyone isn't feeling well, maybe we should do the party another time.

>> No, we're fine, Mother B!

>> We're okay!

>> Oh, yeah! The party goes on! Ah-choo! Yeesh!

>> The Smart and Nasty CPU is almost ready to operate!

>> Plantasaurus has such cute feetsies!

>> Don't talk to me about feetsies! Fill in the handsies. Agh, I mean the hands!

>> I'm on it, Boss! [ Humming ] ♪♪

>> Tell us again what Plantasaurus is going to do when he's done?

>> Something Motherboard won't see coming. [ Laughs evilly ] [ All laughing evilly ]

[ All coughing, sneezing ]

>> Did we do something wrong?

>> I don't get it. The plant worked in Digit's room.

>> I'm afraid we need -- ah-choo! -- to cancel the slumber party. Ah-choo! I'll prepare a portal for your return.

>> Please, Motherboard, don't cancel! Ah-choo! We'll find out what's going on.

>> Lets go, move it! Soon, Plantasaurus will help me take over all of Cyberspace! [ Laughs evilly ]

>> See? No sneezing. No scratchy throat.

>> No watery eyes!

>> And no headache!

>> Why, plant? Why do you work here and not anywhere else?

>> We put one plant in each room just like in here. But we only feel good in this room.

>> What's different about Digit's room?

>> Well, we know it's smaller than all the other rooms.

>> Do you have to keep reminding me?

>> That's it! Because the other rooms are bigger, there's more air in them.

>> And more bad air to clean.

>> Maybe we need more plants!

>> Good thinking! So let's see how big this room is. There are one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 tiles in each row. So, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100. This room is 100 tiles big.

>> So if one plant works for a space that has 100 tiles, a bigger room that has 200 tiles, would need two plants.

>> And if a room has 300 tiles, we need three plants.

>> And a room with 400 tiles would need four plants!

>> Bingo! Let's add some plants!

>> Motherboard, here we come!

>> ... 280, 290, 300!

>> 300 tiles! That means we need three plants, right?

>> One plant for every 100 tiles. 300 tiles, three plants.

>> Here's one!

>> Here's the second one!

>> And the third!

>> Is it working?

>> It's going to take a little time. Let's do the other rooms and come back. ♪♪

>> I just need to input the rest of the code to activate Plantasaurus and --

>> [ Clears throat ] Tell us again what Plantasaurus is gonna do.

>> I told you my plan!

>> But how's a giant plant monster gonna take over all of Cyberspace?

>> For the last time, Plantasaurus will...frighten Motherboard in a way that... I can't even describe!

>> Okay.

>> Just like the movie. Got it!

>> Yeah! [ Computer beeping ] ♪♪

>> [ Growls ]

>> Hi, P-P-P-Plantasaurus! It's me, D-D-D-Delete!

>> A-A-And your buddy, Buzz.

>> Greetings, Plantasaurus! And welcome to the world of The Hacker! [ Laughs evilly ]

>> [ Growls ]

>> Do you guys hear that?

>> I don't hear anything.

>> No sneezes, no scratchy throats.

>> The plants are cleaning the air!

>> Come on, let's clean the air in the control room! ♪♪

>> CyberSquad, we got a problem! There are no tiles to count! How are we going to know how many plants to put down?

>> And this space isn't even square.

>> We can estimate how big it is.

>> Right. We can make a guess based on what we already know.

>> Okay. We know...

>> This room is way bigger than all the others.

>> But how much bigger?

>> We were just in the dance studio, which is 300 tiles big.

>> Let's see.

>> [ Laughs ]

>> Matt!

>> I bet this room is about twice as big as the dance studio.

>> You could be right. That means we need twice as many plants in here.

>> Let's see. We put three plants in the dance studio, so double that. Three plus three is, um...

>> Six!

>> I knew that! Ah-choo! Could we hurry, please? Ah-choo!

>> Okay, guys, spread 'em out! ♪♪

>> That should do it.

>> [ Breathes deeply ]

>> My, oh, my!

>> How you feeling, Motherboard?

>> I feel better! I feel marvelous!

>> Me, too!

>> And me!

>> We did it!

>> Let the slumber party begin! [ Rumbling ] Huh? Yikes!

>> What's that?

>> [ Roaring ] [ All screaming ]

>> Hacker alert! Hacker alert!

>> Your reign is over, Motherboard! Thanks to Plantasaurus, I am now the ruler of Cyberspace!

>> That will never happen.

>> Face it, Motherboard! You and those Earth brats are finished!

>> You will never rule Cyberspace!

>> Plantasaurus! Show Motherboard who's in charge!

>> [ Roars ] [ Smooches ]

>> Huh? I love this guy!

>> Aww, looks like he loves us, too!

>> What are you doing you big sack of weeds?

>> Why is Plantasaurus acting like this? You did give him the Smart and Nasty CPU, didn't you?

>> Uh, about that, Boss, uh, you see...

>> Well, we kinda had to put another one in. Some Love-y dove-y one or something like that.

>> You put the Lovey Dovey CPU in Plantasaurus? Lovey Dovey?! N-o-o-o-o!

>> See how you like our new rejector ejector!

>> What? [ All screaming ]

>> [ Smooches ]

>> Way to go, Motherboard!

>> Let the slumber party begin!

>> I love this song!

>> ♪ Honey sweetie, ooh, ooh ♪ Honey bunny, woo, woo ♪ You know I love you ♪ Whoo ♪ Honey sweetie, ooh, ooh ♪ Honey bunny, woo, woo ♪ You know I love you ♪ Whoo

>> ♪ I love you