A portal opening in Sensible Flats in "Hackerized"

A portal, transportal[1], or cyberportal[2] is a pink oval-shaped surface used for fast transportation. Portals can connect physically distant locations in Cyberspace and the real world alike through a dimension named the vortex[3], sucking nearby objects inside and depositing them elsewhere.

Portals are the only known way for the CyberSquad to enter and exit Cyberspace. It is heavily implied that all beings would be trapped in either universe if the portal system stopped working.[4] They are also the only known way to travel as fast as 1,000 cybermiles per minute[5].

Portal system

The portal system is the network of portals that can be activated. It is controlled by a green and blue panel[3] in Motherboard Control Central[4]; thus, most portals are generated consciously by Motherboard. Digit also knows how to open portals, which is useful when Motherboard is rendered unconscious[6].

Purple dots

Portal dust dots in "A Change of Art"

The statue of Zeus in his cave[7], portal dust[5], and the Universal Vortex Opener[3] can also open portals. Melvin has a cyberportal remote control, stated to be "last century's model", that additionally appears to be partially voice-controlled, summoning specifically requested objects through the portal[2].

Conversely, Hacker has invented a device that can crash the portal system if fired at an open portal. This causes any active portals to freeze and turn solid and green, and prevents Motherboard from opening any new portals. Digit has an old portal rebooter, but it requires a lot of power to work.[4]


For the Cyberchase Online game, see Vortex!.
Closed Portal

Vortex in "A Fraction of a Chance"

The vortex is a turbulently swirling black void with purple bands and faint streaks of light. It is filled with brightly colored mathematical symbols, expressions, and models of tools such as the abacus and compass. These numbers and expressions are also seen outside of the vortex in the title sequence, in the Cybersand pit in "All the Right Angles", and in Buzz & Delete Save the Day. In the latter appearance, numbers that don't fuel the Li'l Wreaker are called space junk.

Motherboard can appear physically within the vortex, at a size that dwarfs the Grim Wreaker. She has removed the Wreaker from the vortex, substantially damaging it in the process.[5] These abilities, combined with the fact that both Motherboard and the vortex's objects are eventually animated in 3D, may suggest a connection between Motherboard and the vortex.

Longterm exposure to the vortex can be harmful to beings other than the mathematical objects. If the portal system is shut down, anything inside the vortex will be stuck there and slowly dematerialize, becoming translucent until it presumably ceases to exist. Equipment such as Skwak Pads can stop working during this process. The Universal Vortex Opener generates a primary portal to eject anything trapped in the vortex. If it is used in time, this undoes the effects of dematerialization.[3]

List of vortex objects

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  • The activity Step Into Cyberspace is likely a reference to portals between the real world and Cyberspace.


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