Queen Mum

Queen Mum with her heralds.

Queen Mum is the ruler of Gardenia, a garden cybersite. She made her debut in the episode, "Invasion of the Funky Flower".


Queen Mum 1

Queen Mum in her bud form.

Queen Mum appears to be a flower with purple petals and could possibly be a petunia. She has a light green stem and leaves with slightly darker leaves at the bottom. She wears a red and gold crown on her head, round gold earrings, and a gold and green flower pin on the right side of her chest.

Queen Mum 2

Queen Mum emerges from her bud in a shower of sparkles.

In "Invasion of the Funky Flower", she emerges from her bud in a shower of sparkles.

Queen Mum 4

Queen Mum collapses from being malnourished.

When the Queen is deprived of nutrients, water, and/or sunlight, she wilts and will collapse if it gets severe.

The Hacker

Hacker: Uh, that’s The Hacker to you, if you don’t mind. Queen Mum: Oh, but I do.


The Queen is shown to be courteous to everyone, even to Hacker. In "Invasion of the Funky Flower", Hacker is confused when she measures with her leaves and she gives her explanation politely, and she does mind that she called Hacker "Mr. Hacker" instead of "The Hacker", the way that Hacker prefers to be called.

When terrible events occur, the Queen tries to be optimistic and maintain hope, even when things seem to worsen.

Queen Mum 5 hope

"Yes. We mustn’t give up. We must always have hope. Hope!"

In "Invasion of the Funky Flower", an invasive species grows and destroys Gardenia. When the weeds surround her, everyone panics, but she tries to keep it positive by saying "At least we still have sunlight."

When all hope seems lost as everyone tries and fails to control the invasive species, she agrees with Digit about having hope. "Yes. We mustn’t give up. We must always have hope. Hope!"

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