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Quest 2: Race for Radopolis was the second Quest on Cyberchase online. Hacker has cheated the Shredfest skateboard competetion and overthrew King Dudicus of Radopolis.


You must complete the following:

  • Talk to Slider
  • Get the 4 basic SkateBot Modules
    • Jump Module
    • Duck Module
    • Speed Module
    • Break Module
    • First go to Slider in Radopolis City (he is north of the town square).
    • Then go back to the town square. Head east of the town square. You will find a penguin with a hockey stick. if you do not have a lava lamp you need to go to the mall and buy one.
    • Talk to him and click the Trade button.
    • You will trade the lava lamp for a Jump Module that he has.
    • After that go to R-Fair City.
    • Once you are there you need to go to the doughnut shop. Buy a chocolate donut.
    • Help Logic Zoo if you are low on money.
    • Go to the aquarium or water city.
    • Talk to Manny to earn some money ( also instead of answering all three of his questions only answer 2 and keep on doing that until you earn tons of money).
    • Go to Crab Castle and trade the prince for the chocolate doughnut.
    • You can go to abyss if you want. the password is blubber.
    • Go to the mall. Buy Speed Module from one of the shops and as many wheel sets as possible.
    • Head to Radopolis. Go south of town square and pull on the lever thing. The Duck Module should come out.


For the jump module go to the crab and trade him a chocolate doughnut ( doughnuts are found in R-Fair Cityand the Mall).

For the duck module push a lever in Radopolis City in the southwest part.

For the speed module you can buy at the mall.

For the break module talk to the penguin ( south of the town square in Radopolis) and trade hima lava lamp.


Race for Radopolis isn't currently available on the official PBS kids website, but the game can be found here