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First, customize your character and give a name,Then, go to anywhere you want and she'll give you the key to Hacker's Hangar.But Scratch (Hacker's Bird) got the key.Destroy the Weather Bots to get the key.The Wind Bot is at Penguia because it stop the turbine so it has no electricity, the Hot Bot is at Sensible Flats because it made the sun too hot, and the Fog Bot is at Perfectamundo because it made a fog in Perfectamundo.Once you destroy the Weather Bots, it reveals a gizmo to the Stormerator.Scratch will give you the key if you find cheese, you can find cheese from a walrus in Penguia.To destroy the Wind Bot, find a polar bear to give you questions and she'll give you a Wind Turbine.To find the windiest spot, use the Wind Gauge to measure how fast the wind is going, if you don't have it yet go talk to the penguin and he'll give you the Wind Gauge.Go to Icicle Peak where the Gondola is.Ride the Gondola until you reach the Wind Bot and turn it off.To destroy the Hot Bot, find the person who is in the

General Store.Answer her questions and she'll give you the Note About Temperature.If the Cyber Key is too hot, find a Towel, a Can of Water and a Thermometer to cool it up.the Hot Bot is hidden in a tumbleweed.Use the Note About Temperature to find the New Temperature Settings.The Temperature Settings is 78'.To destroy the Fog Bot, you must find the Hair Dryer and a Thermometer.To find the Dew Point, heat the mirror and use the Cyber Key to find the Dew Point and the New Temperature Settings.Go outside and click on Scratch to give him cheese.Go to the Northern Frontier and go to Hacker's Hangar.The sign says "Out to Lunch" so your free to go inside.Go to the Control Panel of the Stormerator.Use the 3 Gizmos and the Cyber Key to open the Control Panel.Match the pictures to destroy the Stormerator and your done.If you want to play again, click "New Game".

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