This is a transcript of "R-Fair City".

Digit: Cyberspace: The final frontier. My mission, to protect Motherboard, help Marbles, and keep Cyberspace safe from Hacker. Whoo! That's a lot of mission for a boid. I think I need a break. Where's that invitation? (clears throat) "Dear Digit, come visit R-Fair City, home of fun and games, bright lights, and good times. A great spot for the weird. Look up first, Your friend, Madame Encanita." What do I have chances on R-Fair City? Problabillity. High, I'll get very high. Badabing-badaboom!

Delete: You mean that was our fault they all lost! (laughs)

Digit: Let me think, odd numbers, even numbers. Hmm, there's just as many of each, sounds fair to me.

Hacker: Then close your eyes and pick!

Digit: Odd, odd will do the job! Two serins number 2 and number 4. 2 times 4 is.... Wuh oh!

Hacker: 8, and you lose! Bye bye birdie!

Digit: Okay, I didn't win the hat, but why am I in a cage? A cage? A cage! Let me outta here!

Delete: No, those meddling kids!

Lucky: A trap door.

Hacker: A 3 and a 1.

Inez: Not so fast, 3 x 4 is 12, sorry, you go in the water.

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