"Raising the Bar"
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Original air date
September 15, 2003
Directed by
Larry Jacobs
Written by
David Dias
George Arthur Bloom
Bar graphs

"Raising the Bar" is the tenth episode of Season 2 of Cyberchase. It originally aired on September 15, 2003.




The Cybrary is under attack. Disguised as an exterminator called the "Vermin Vexer", Hacker uses poorly labeled bar graphs to mislead the overworked Head Cybrarian, Ms. Fileshare. He then releases a mysterious cyberbug that systematically destroys certain information. While volunteering to help Ms. Fileshare, the CyberSquad soon notices Hacker's bugs and decides to graph the infestation on a bar graph.

Meanwhile, a blunt-force crash gives Hacker amnesia. Buzz wants to give Hacker a taste of his own medicine and becomes Hacker's bad boss, but Delete believes he's gone mad with power. Delete decides to give the CyberSquad anonymous tips on how to ruin Hacker's plan.

The CyberSquad creates a bar graph to dispute the Vermin Vexer's claims, but Buzz and Hacker use the same data to make a graph that downplays the problem, tricking Ms. Fileshare into distrusting the CyberSquad. However, Delete's advice shows the CyberSquad that Hacker's graphs fudge the scale to distort the data; and that the bugs are replacing all instances of Motherboard's name with Hacker's, erasing her from Cyberspace history.

When the CyberSquad labels the scales of the bar graphs, Ms. Fileshare quickly sees through Hacker's deceptions. Delete reveals his double-cross to Buzz, Hacker, and the CyberSquad, to their umbrage. Buzz and Hacker give chase to Delete, but get into another crash, restoring Hacker's memories while giving Buzz amnesia. The CyberSquad exterminates Hacker's bugs and undoes the damage, and Buzz careens the Grim Wreaker away in a loop-the-loop.





  • This is the last episode that begins with "R" (articles not included) until the tenth season episode, A Recipe For Chaos.
  • Delete acts as an anonymous informant for the CyberSquad in this episode. The pseudonym that they give him, Squeaky Throat, may be a reference to Deep Throat, the anonymous informant in the investigation of the Watergate Scandal.

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