Episode Code Screenshot Title Airdate Episode Summary
001 101 101 Lost My Marbles January 21,2002 Series pilot. Hacker kidnaps Dr. Marbles and puts him on an island that will turn inside out. Meanwhile, three kids end up in Cyberspace with Digit, who works for the doctor.

002 102 102 Castleblanca January 22. 2002 Hacker kidnaps Dr. Marbles and tries to download the doctors brain into the gigabyte.

003 103 103 R-Fair City January 23, 2002 Hacker kidnaps Digit and the kids, along with a lady named lucky have to rescue him.

004 104 104 Snow Day to Be Exact January 24, 2002 Hacker steals the Sunisphere of Solaria, causing the site to turn into iceland and the kids have to retrieve the sphere to turn Solaria into the way it was.

005 105 105 Sensible Flats January 25, 2002 Hacker takes up too much land in the land rush and gets sent to jail, and the kids try and put a bet with him.

006 106 106 Zeus on the Loose January 28, 2002 Hacker gets Pandora's Box and the kids have to abide by Zeus's challenge.

007 107 107 The Poddleville Case March 24, 2000 (original pilot) Hacker steals Power Pods, causing Poddleville to lose power, and the kids have to stop him.

008 108 [[Image:|150px|108]] And They Counted Happily Ever After January 30, 2002 Hacker makes a bet with Happily Ever After.

009 109 109 Clock Like an Egyptian January 31, 2002 Dr. Marbles is kidnapped in the Tomb of Rom by Binky and Mumsie, and the kids have to rescue him.

010 110 110 The Secrets of Symmetria February 1, 2002 Hacker Steals the Symmetrizer and destroys Symmetria's symmetry.

011 111 [[Image:|150px|111]] A Day at the Spa February 4, 2002 Hacker goes to "Le Spa Awful" to get good lookings, while the kids try to retrieve a powerful crystal from him.

012 112 [[Image:|150px|112]] Of All the Luck February 5, 2002 Hacker gets the good luck charms and the kids try to retrieve them.

013 113 113 Eureeka February 6, 2002 On the site Eureeka, the kids try to find Archimedes who has the Encryptor Chip along with his workers Eukie and Reeka.

014 114 114 Cool It February 7, 2002 A disguised Buzz replaces Motherboard's cryoxide with sludge, causing Motherboard to heat up.

015 115 [[Image:|150px|115]] Find Those Gleamers! February 8, 2002 The kids accept Hacker's challenge to find gleamers to power the Grim Wreaker 2 before Topsy Turvy Island turns inside out.

016 116 [[Image:|150px|116]] Codename: Icky February 11, 2002 The kids try to prevent Hacker from stealing Aquari-Yum's last cyberslug.

017 117 [[Image:|150px|117]] Return to Sensible Flats February 12, 2002 Hacker takes all the water in Sensible Flats, and all the land as well.

018 118 [[Image:|150px|118]] Problem Solving in Shangri-La February 13, 2002 The Grim Wreaker crashes, with all of Hacker and Motherboards crew on board, right into cybersite Shangri-La.

019 119 119 Send in the Clones February 14, 2002 Hacker creates clones and spreads them throughout R-Fair City. The kids, along with Lucky and Cy Clone, a clone catcher, must stop the clones.

020 120 [[Image:|150px|120]] Trading Places March 14, 2002 Both crews crash into a site where people trade instead of buy.

021 121 [[Image:|150px|121]] Less Than Zero July 3, 2002 Hacker bursts into a council meeting and makes site leaders sign a documentary.

022 122 [[Image:|150px|122]] Model Behavior July 4, 2002 Hacker tries to shatter Happily Ever After's new skywall.

023 123 [[Image:|150px|123]] Fortress of Attitude July 5, 2002 Hacker creates a giant statue to try and own Cybersites.

024 124 [[Image:|150px|124]] Size Me Up July 8, 2002 Hacker tricks the kids into going to Proportiona, a site with different sized borgs.

025 125 [[Image:|150px|125]] A Battle of Equals July 9, 2002 Hacker tampers with satellites which control pollution.

026 126 [[Image:|150px|126]] Out of Sync July 10, 2002 Hacker kidnaps the Beats of the Spheres, putting Mount Olympus at risk.

This concludes season 1.
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