Season 11 is the season of Cyberchase that premiered on October 23, 2017 with "Watts of Halloween Trouble", and ended on April 20, 2018 with "Back to Canalia's Future". It is 10 episodes long.


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# Title Original air date Topic
1 "Watts of Halloween Trouble" October 23, 2017 Energy conservation
2 "Creech's Creature Quandary" December 26, 2017 Habitat fragmentation
3 "A Murky Mystery in Mermaidos" December 27, 2017 Temperature
4 "Plantasaurus!" December 28, 2017 Air quality
5 "A Reboot Eve to Remember" December 29, 2017 Wind
6 "Housewarming Party" April 16, 2018 Unknown
7 "Invasion of the Funky Flower" April 17, 2018 Invasive species
8 "A Renewable Hope" April 18, 2018 Renewable energy
9 "The Migration Situation" April 19, 2018 Citizen science
10 "Back to Canalia's Future" April 20, 2018 Water consumption


  • This season take 2 years to premieire.

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