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Season 12 is the season of Cyberchase that premiered on April 19, 2019 with the two-part episode "Space Waste Odyssey", and ended on May 8, 2020 with "Journey of a Thousand Food Miles". It is 12 episodes long.

As of writing, Season 12 is the latest season of Cyberchase, and no "Season 13" has been officially announced. However, Delete's voice actor Rob Tinkler has stated that Cyberchase "is still going strong. We start recording the new season in January [2021]!"[1]


According to a WNET press release, Season 12 was originally planned to premiere on November 22, 2019 with "Giving Thanks Day". "Space Waste Odyssey" was planned to premiere on November 29, 2019, and would have comprised the second and third episodes of the season.[2]

Information on Season 12 was revealed in a Facebook livestream on October 25, 2018, including a sneak preview for "Space Waste Odyssey". By this time, this episode had been advanced to April.[3]


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# Title Original air date Topic
1 "Space Waste Odyssey" April 19, 2019 Citizen science
3 "Giving Thanks Day" November 22, 2019 Food waste
4 "A Garden Grows in Botlyn" February 14, 2020 Gardening
5 "Missing Bats in Sensible Flats" April 17, 2020 Pollinators
6 "Water Woes" April 17, 2020 Watersheds
Stormwater pollution
7 "Soil Turmoil" April 17, 2020 Soil quality
8 "Hacker Hugs a Tree" April 17, 2020 Deforestation
9 "Pursuit of the Prism of Power" May 8, 2020 Biomimicry
10 "Composting in the Clutch" May 8, 2020 Compost
11 "A Camping Conundrum" May 8, 2020 Sun
12 "Journey of a Thousand Food Miles" May 8, 2020 Food miles

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# Title Original air date Topic


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