Episode Code Screenshot Title Airdate Episode Summary
041 301 [[Image:|150px|301]] EcoHaven CSE May 3, 2004 The kids try to find a beast named Choocroca.

042 302 [[Image:|150px|302]] The Borg of the Ring May 4, 2004 Hacker steals the Ring of Radopolis.

043 303 303 A World Without Zero May 5, 2004 Hacker tricks Mr. Zero into leaving Gollywood and taking all the zeros in Cyberspace.

044 304 [[Image:|150px|304]] A Piece of the Action May 6, 2004 Hacker tries to mine magnetite and use it to destroy Motherboard.

045 305 [[Image:|150px|305]] The Creech Who Would Be Crowned May 7, 2004 The kids, along with a girl named Creech attempt to beat Hacker in a race.

046 306 [[Image:|150px|306]] The Grapes Of Plath September 16, 2004 The crab prince falls into an abyss, therefore getting a glitch causing him to tell lies.

047 307 [[Image:|150px|307]] A Perfect Fit September 23, 2004 Hacker makes another attempt to activate Gigabyte.

048 308 [[Image:|150px|308]] Be Reasonable September 30, 2004 Hacker sabotages the computer system in the Cybrary and traps Ms. Fileshare in the Science Room.

049 309 [[Image:|150px|309]] The Snelfu Snafu: Part 1 October 7, 2004 The kids try to get the encryptor chip from an auction.

050 310 310 The Snelfu Snafu: Part 2 October 14, 2004 The kids try to get back Motherboard, and possibly the Encryptor Chip too.

051 311 [[Image:|150px|311]] Shari Spotter and the Cosmic Crumpets October 28, 2004 The kids help a girl named Shari Spotter make Cosmic Crumpets.

052 312 [[Image:|150px|312]] Starlight Night December 31, 2004 Christmas Special-The kids, along with Eukie and Reeka try to save Archimedes and Starlight Night.

This concludes season 3.
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  • This marks the first season in which Ziff does not appear since his introduction in And They Counted Happily Ever After.
  • This also marks the first season where Happily Ever After do not appear since its introduction in And They Counted Happily Ever After.
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