Episode Code Screenshot Title Airdate Episode Summary
053 401 [[Image:|150px|401]] Balancing Act April 15, 2005 The kids and Shari make a film for Frogsnorts School.

054 402 [[Image:|150px|402]] The Icky Factor July 25, 2005 The kids, along with the Crab Prince, try to figure out why Icky has dissapeared.

055 403 [[Image:|150px|403]] Penguin Tears July 26, 2005 The kids, along with a penguin named Fluff, get trapped in a cave while trying to stop Hacker from Taking the Prism of Penguia.

056 404 [[Image:|150px|404]] Past Perfect Prediction July 27, 2005 Slider has to reach 5000 snelfus within a week to protect the future of Cyberspace.

057 405 [[Image:|150px|405]] Measure for Measure July 28, 2005 The kids try to help Slider save his dad, Coop.

058 406 [[Image:|150px|406]] A Change of Art October 3, 2005 Hacker puts portals on each cybersite to allow him to create chaos quickly.

059 407 [[Image:|150px|407]] The Case of the Missing Memory October 4, 2005 Motherboard's M.I. goes missing and the kids try to find out who took it.

060 408 [[Image:|150px|408]] A Crinkle in Time October 5, 2005 Hacker tricks the kids into thinking Slider is in Tick-Tockia.

061 409 [[Image:|150px|409]] A Broom of One's Own October 6, 2005 Wicked tries to sell brooms, in an attempt to destroy Motherboard.

062 410 [[Image:|150px|410]] A Tikiville Turkey Day October 7, 2005 Hacked steals the egg of Benedicta, causing Tikiville to turn from green to brown.

This concludes season 4.
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  • This episode marks the first season in which Dr. Marbles and King Dudicus do not appear since his introduction in Lost My Marbles and Totally Rad.
  • This episode also marks the only season to be produced and animated by Nelvana in the series in which Widget does not appear at all.