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Season 4 is the season of Cyberchase that premiered on April 15, 2005 during the Cyberchase: Know Your Dough Marathon with "Balancing Act", and ended on October 7, 2005 with "A Tikiville Turkey Day". It is 10 episodes long.


Episode Code Screenshot Title Airdate Episode Summary
053 401 [[Image:|150px|401]] Balancing Act April 15, 2005 The kids and Shari make a film for Frogsnorts School.

054 402 [[Image:|150px|402]] The Icky Factor July 25, 2005 The kids, along with the Crab Prince, try to figure out why Icky has dissapeared.

055 403 [[Image:|150px|403]] Penguin Tears July 26, 2005 The kids, along with a penguin named Fluff, get trapped in a cave while trying to stop Hacker from Taking the Prism of Penguia.

056 404 [[Image:|150px|404]] Past Perfect Prediction July 27, 2005 Slider has to reach 5000 snelfus within a week to protect the future of Cyberspace.

057 405 [[Image:|150px|405]] Measure for Measure July 28, 2005 The kids try to help Slider save his dad, Coop.

058 406 [[Image:|150px|406]] A Change of Art October 3, 2005 Hacker puts portals on each cybersite to allow him to create chaos quickly.

059 407 [[Image:|150px|407]] The Case of the Missing Memory October 4, 2005 Motherboard's M.I. goes missing and the kids try to find out who took it.

060 408 [[Image:|150px|408]] A Crinkle in Time October 5, 2005 Hacker tricks the kids into thinking Slider is in Tick-Tockia.

061 409 [[Image:|150px|409]] A Broom of One's Own October 6, 2005 Wicked tries to sell brooms, in an attempt to destroy Motherboard.

062 410 [[Image:|150px|410]] A Tikiville Turkey Day October 7, 2005 Hacked steals the egg of Benedicta, causing Tikiville to turn from green to brown.

This concludes season 4.
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  • This marks the first season in which Dr. Marbles, Widget, and King Dudicus do not appear since their introductions in Lost My Marbles, Size Me Up and Totally Rad. However, this also marks the only season to be produced and animated by Nelvana in the series in which Widget does not appear at all.
  • This also marks the first season where EcoHaven and Blenny's Black Hole do not appear since their introductions in EcoHaven CSE and The Snelfu Snafu: Part 2.


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