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Episode Code Screenshot Title Airdate Episode Summary
063 501 501 The Halloween Howl October 31, 2006 Halloween Special: Hacker takes over Mayor Wolfman's Castle.

064 502 502 A Clean Sweep November 24, 2006 Hacker dumps magnetite confetti on Radopolis during a celebration.

065 503 503 Designing Mr. Perfect November 24, 2006 During a magic accident, Digit becomes Wicked's Mr. Perfect.

066 504 504 EcoHaven Ooze November 24, 2006 Hacker steals ooze from EcoHaven to make himself stronger.

067 505 505 The Fairy Borg Father November 24, 2006 Delete gets a Fairy Borg father named Zanko who grants him 10 wishes.

068 506 506 The Flying Parallinis April 16, 2007 Hacker kidnaps Jackie and the kids have to search for Diamond Joe to release her.

069 507 507 Crystal Clear April 17, 2007 Digit forgets to reactivate his synchrometer, causing his system to malfunction.

070 508 508 Inside Hacker April 18, 2007 Matt shrinks himself to get into Hacker to turn him from mean to nice.

071 509 509 On the Line April 19, 2007 The kids attempt to get the NIC from Hacker.

072 510 510 A Fraction of a Chance September 3, 2007 The kids have to get out of a vortex they are stuck in; meanwhile, Wicked decides to team up with Digit.

This concludes season 5.
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  • This marks the first season in which Shari Spotter, Professor Stumblesnore, Fluff, and Ice do not appear since their introductions in Shari Spotter and the Cosmic Crumpets and Penguin Tears.
  • This also marks the first season where Frogsnorts Sorcerer's Academy do not appear since its introduction in Harriet Hippo and the Mean Green.
  • This season marks the final of a few things:
    • The last season to have the original character designs.
    • The last season to be produced by Nelvana.


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