Episode Code Screenshot Title Airdate Episode Summary
063 501 JackieAndInezHug The Halloween Howl October 31, 2006 Halloween Special: Hacker takes over Mayor Wolfman's Castle.

064 502 [[Image:|150px|502]] A Clean Sweep November 24, 2006 Hacker dumps magnetite confetti on Radopolis during a celebration.

065 503 [[Image:|150px|503]] Designing Mr. Perfect November 24, 2006 During a magic accident, Digit becomes Wicked's Mr. Perfect.

066 504 EP066 EcoHaven Ooze November 24, 2006 Hacker steals ooze from EcoHaven to make himself stronger.

067 505 [[Image:|150px|505]] The Fairy Borg Father November 24, 2006 Delete gets a Fairy Borg father named Zanko who grants him 10 wishes.

068 506 [[Image:|150px|506]] The Flying Parallinis April 16, 2007 Hacker kidnaps Jackie and the kids have to search for Diamond Joe to release her.

069 507 [[Image:|150px|507]] Crystal Clear April 17, 2007 Digit forgets to reactivate his synchrometer, causing his system to malfunction.

070 508 [[Image:|150px|508]] Inside Hacker April 18, 2007 Matt shrinks himself to get into Hacker to turn him from mean to nice.

071 509 [[Image:|150px|509]] On the Line April 19, 2007 The kids attempt to get the NIC from Hacker.

072 510 [[Image:|150px|510]] A Fraction of a Chance September 3, 2007 The kids have to get out of a vortex they are stuck in; meanwhile, Wicked decides to team up with Digit.

This concludes season 5.
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