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Season 6
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"Digit's B-Day Surprise"
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"Spheres of Fears"
November 7, 2007
October 27, 2008
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Episode Code Screenshot Title Airdate Episode Summary
073 601 [[Image:|150px|601]] Digit's B-Day Surprise November 7, 2007 The kids keep Digit's B-Day party a secret; meanwhile, Hacker wants Digit back on his side.

074 602 [[Image:|150px|602]] When Penguins Fly December 12, 2007 Christmas Special-The kids join Fluff in a march to the Ice Palace on Starlight Night, but little do they know that bad guys are in their path.

075 603 [[Image:|150px|603]] Unhappily Ever After February 19, 2008 The kids help Ziff put Happily Ever After's book of Unhappy Endings back where it's supposed to go.

076 604 604 Escape from Merlin's Maze February 20, 2008 Hacker tricks Shari into going to Merlins Maze so he can steal Stumblesnore's power.

077 605 [[Image:|150px|605]] Step by Step February 21, 2008 Hacker kidnaps Ivanka and sends Dr. Marbles to an island so he can get Magmalux.

078 607 [[Image:|150px|607]] Team Spirit April 8, 2008 The kids and Slider practice for the Mount Olympus Triathlon.

079 608 [[Image:|150px|608]] Jimaya Jam April 9, 2008 Hacker tricks the kids, Creech, and Jules into falling into a game of Jimaya Jam so he can steal the Symball.

080 609 [[Image:|150px|609]] A Perfect Score April 10, 2008 Jackie and Hacker compete in a dance contest; meanwhile, Inez gets hung on a ferris wheel with its operator, Koslow.

081 606 [[Image:|150px|606]] Chaos as Usual April 11, 2008 Hacker enters the Slugball Finals so he can win the Arky Award.

082 610 [[Image:|150px|610]] Spheres of Fears October 27, 2008 Halloween Special-Hacker sends Digit and the kids to the Spheres of Fears so he can create chaos.

This concludes season 6.
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  • Starting with this season, the characters have been redesigned.
  • The series was switched to Flash after it used digital ink-and-paint from seasons 1-5.
  • This marks the first season in which Olga and TW Parallini does not appear since her introduction in EcoHaven Ooze and The Flying Parallinis.
  • This was the first season to be produced in widescreen, though the show got cropped to 4:3 for PBS Kids GO airings.


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