Episode Code Screenshot Title Airdate Episode Summary
090 801 801 The Hacker's Challenge June 25, 2010 Hacker allows the Cybersquad and their friends 3 hours to disassemble the Reconfiguratron
in Solaria under the watch of all of Cyberspace via The Hacker Network.

091 802 802 Face-Off July 2, 2010 Hacker plans to sell out hockey skates that do not work effectively in exchange for a recharger chair.

092 803 803 Peace, Love, and Hackerness July 9, 2010 As a result of Hacker's fear ratings plummeting to 4%, Hacker decides to destroy connection to Far Out Radio. The Cybersquad needs to figure out how to create a new antenna before it's too late.

093 804 804 Hackerized July 16, 2010 A fan of Hacker decides to "Hackerize" Sensible Flats in order to keep Hacker's reputation. Meanwhile, a character named Ledge and the Cybersquad attempt to foil the plan.

094 805 805 The Bluebird of Zappiness July 23, 2010 This is missing a summary. Please add one.

This concludes season 8.
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