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Season 9 is the season of Cyberchase that premiered on November 4, 2013 with "An Urchin Matter", and ended on April 15, 2014 with the two-part episode "The Cyberchase Movie". It is 5 episodes long.


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# Title Original air date Topic
1 "An Urchin Matter" November 4, 2013 Keystone species
2 "Going Solar" November 5, 2013 Solar panels
3 "Trash Creep" November 6, 2013 Recycling
Representative samples
4 "The Cyberchase Movie" April 15, 2014 Ecosystem

Cyberchase For Real segments

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# Title Original air date Topic
1 "Harry Restores Balance" Unknown Keystone Species
2 "Harry's Got the Power" Unknown Solar Power
3 "Harley's Trash is Harry's Treasure" Unknown Trash


  • This marks the first season in which Creech and Ledge do not appear since their respective debuts.
  • This is the last season to be produced in standard-definition. It is also the last season to feature the original theme song animation.
  • Starting with this season, episodes are now mostly focused on environmental topics instead of the mathematical concepts the series was founded on.
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